Many of us have done school and college projects using beautiful backgrounds. People who work in organizations tend to use beautiful backgrounds for their Powerpoint presentations. Photoshop Textures pack is a set of free textures that can be used by the users free of cost. Photoshop texture patterns are designed in such a manner that they are sure to add value for the purposes you use them for. These textures can be downloaded free of cost by users at any point of time they want to use them. The many designs in which Photoshop Free Textures are available to give a wide choice for the users to use from

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Free Foggy Water Photoshop Texture

Free Foggy Water Photoshop Texture is a water foggy water texture that is created in high resolution. This texture is designed to add great flair to the purposes you use the same for. You may also see Parquet Textures.

Photoshop Paper Texture

Photoshop Paper Texture is a mild skin and brown color combination texture. The sand design on the same makes it suitable for use as an elegant background. You may also see Aged Paper Textures.

Wood Texture Photoshop

Wood Texture Photoshop is basically a wood texture created using Adobe Photoshop. The magnificently designed wood texture is designed from the scratch to give it a clean look. You may also see Distressed Wood Textures.

Photoshop Metal Texture

Photoshop Metal Texture is a set of Metal textures. The different textures in this set are Dark Metal Texture, Metal Texture, Stainless Steel Texture, Titanium texture, Metal Plate Texture and Speaker Grille texture

Vintage Texture Photoshop

Vintage Texture Photoshop is a Vintage texture that is created using Photoshop. This is a mild colored texture that can be used by the users to display dark colored images

Photoshop Grunge Texture

Photoshop Grunge Texture is a premium vector texture that is grunge. The grunge texture is displayed in the foreground with a dark metallic tone in the background highlighting the foreground

Watercolor Texture Photoshop

Watercolor Texture Photoshop is basically a water color texture that displays frost. The mesmerizing combination of lavender and shades of blue looks amazing. This texture is made using watercolors in Photoshop.

Snow Texture Photoshop

Snow Texture Photoshop is a set of two images that are created with the help of Photoshop. The two images are available in various resolutions to meet customer requirements

Photoshop Gold Texture

Photoshop Gold Texture is basically a golden texture background. The sand kind of looks that glitter in the texture is in golden color. This texture is created using Photoshop

Broken Glass Texture Photoshop

Broken Glass Texture Photoshop is a set of two images, one that focuses the center of a broken glass and the other that displays a piece of the glass that is broken

Grass Texture Photoshop

Grass Texture Photoshop is a set of two textures which displays grass in a close-up angle and long angle. Both the textures are displayed in high-resolution.

Photoshop Fabric Texture

Photoshop Fabric Texture displays a fabric pattern in an exquisite manner. This texture is highly attractive and is created using Photoshop. This texture can be used by the users for various purposes.

Photoshop Concrete Texture

Photoshop Concrete Texture is a free texture that can be downloaded free of cost by the users who wants to use the same. It displays a concrete space in a mixed texture pattern.

Chalkboard Texture Photoshop

Chalkboard Texture Photoshop is basically a chalkboard texture. This blackboard texture is created using Photoshop application. It is a blank format that displays traces of chalk in the foreground.

Marble Texture Photoshop

Marble Texture Photoshop is a set of two images. Both the marble images are displayed in a close-up manner. These marble images are created using the Photoshop application.

Photoshop Stone Texture


Smoke Texture Photoshop


Rust Texture Photoshop


Crack Texture Photoshop


Abstract Photoshop Texture


How to use these “Photoshop Textures”?

Photoshop Textures are beautifully designed texture backgrounds that can be used for multiple purposes by the users. Many of them can be easily downloaded by the users for free of cost. These lovely looking textures are created using Photoshop. The elegant ways with which these Photoshop Textures have been designed are absolutely stunning. Photoshop Textures are stunning texture background which helps users to create many designs that can attract people. They can be used for school projects and college presentations.Photoshop Textures also supports presentations to be done in organizations acting as a background for the same.

Photoshop Textures can be used by users by freely downloading the same free of cost. These textures can be downloaded by the users as many times as required by the users at any point of time. Photoshop texture can be used by the users for both personal as well as official purposes. You may also see Seamless Wood Textures.

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