Crowns are something which we all grew up fantasizing about in the fairy tales.  Not many of us are lucky to wear them in real life, however fortunately given the advancement in technology we can now use the crown in our virtual life and enjoy the beauty of this royal headgear. The templates below literally spoil us with options in this department.

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Collection of Golden Crowns

This collection of golden crowns represents the ancient designs of crowns worn by king and queens in the medieval ages. In almost all the designs the crown has spikes as a decoration and symbolizes the seat of royal power.

Royal Crowns Collection

Royal crown collection is a mix of both antique as well as modern design. The crowns designed for the kings follow the golden design, whereas the ones designed for the queens are encrusted with diamonds and follow a simpler design.

Free King Crown Vectors

The design of free king crown vector is designed on a black and white background. The design for this template is once again quite elaborate and most of the crowns are decorated with specters, pearls and cross.

Golden Crown Vector Design

This sample of royal crown vector design shows only one single golden crown on a blue background. The details of the crown are elaborately portrayed in the image including small details like the stones used for decoration.

Crowns Vector Graphics Set

This collection of crowns vector graphics set is a collection of several different types of crowns. Each crown is different from the other in shape, size and design significantly.

Golden Vector Crown Design

This design of golden vector crown design showcases one single golden crown.  A detailed design of the crown is presented in the image. The crown is encrusted with big diamonds which makes the headgear look all the more beautiful.

Golden King Crowns Vector

This sample of golden king crowns vector is designed on a blue background and has images of four crowns. The designs are quite intricate and elaborate with lots of traditional gem stones.

My Little Princess Crown Vector Design

My little princess crown vector design showcases a simple crown meant for a princess. The design has small spikes with pearls encrusted at the top of each spike.  There is a heart shaped stone placed right in the middle of the crown.

Crown Vectors Set

This particular crown vector set consists of 5 designs where each design is quite elaborate and represents the qualities like majesty and power.

Crown Vector Set for Free Download

This sample of the crown vector set has nine designs.  The designs in this template resemble more of a logo than an actual design. All the designs resemble a retro batch with a vintage touch.

Download Vector Crown Set

This design of vector crown set consists of 12 different types of crown samples. The samples can be used as icon in websites or as graphic badges.

Royal Crown Vintage Design Vector

This design of royal crown vintage design is again another elaborate design of crowns, where attention is paid to every minute detail. The design is sketched   using a single color on a white background.

Free Vector Crowns

The free vector crown design encompasses 9 different types of crown designs. Each design is elaborately described using different color patterns. The designs in this sample are equisetic and proclaim power and elegance.

Kings and Queens Vector Crowns Set

This sample of kings and queens vector crowns set is represented using one particular color. The designs makes extensive use of precious stones, pearls, crosses and stylized plant leaves.

Princess Crowns Vector

The designs listed in the princess crowns vector design is dedicated only for girls. The crowns showcased in this sample are quite simple but makes great use of pink diamonds. The heart shaped pink diamonds enhances their beauty significantly.

Crowns once used to be the sole property of the royalty, however nowadays people have been using imitation designs for birthday parties and for wedding rituals. The designs and samples given above would now help you to use these symbols and create a glamorous and majestic design.

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