Designing websites and applications is an uphill task. More than the content, it is the design aspects which take most of the time for coming into shape. Of course every web designer would like to create design elements from scratch, but time constraints often play spoilsport. That’s why vector resources and libraries exist to make certain aspects of web design easier. Vectors are available across the Internet in innumerable quantities, in different varieties. The best part about ornament vectors is that they are useful in other design-related endeavors too. In this article, we have got for you a selection of shield vectors that you can customize and use.

EPS Format Shield Vector

EPS format Shield Vector

This shield vector set is a great option for you if you’re looking for numerous shield designs. All of the designs are distinctly different from one and another, and you could consider any of the variants for making logos or icons.

8 Colorful Security Shield Vector

Security Shield Vector

A number of security companies and outlets have shield as the centerpiece or one of the elements of their business logo. You could take inspiration from this vector right here. It’s fully editable and resizable.

Black And White Shield Silhouette

Black and white shield silhouette

This vector set contains stylish black and white shield silhouettes. You could edit them and insert text or other artwork to produce a company logo if you wish. Else, you could also consider them for being put up as icons for any of your projects.

Awesome Ethiopia Shield Vector

Ethiopia Shield Vector

This shield vector was designed to adorn one of the pages of a charity book. The vector is creatively designed and used as a logo in the book. This vector could leave you with a few ideas for doing something on similar lines.

Triforce Shield Design Vector

Triforce Shield design vector

This vector design is conceived to carry itself into more than just web design icons. This shield vector is very artistic and large enough in size to be incorporated into t-shirt designs. Also, this is a great option as desktop wallpaper!

Bold Shield And Splatter Vector

Bold Shield Vector

This shield vector has been designed using the splatter effect. With this shield vector you could introduce a fashion statement of sorts on apparel, websites, blogs etc. This vector set contains 15 diverse shield designs.

Metallic Shield Defender Vector

Metallic shield Vector

This metallic shield vector is most fitting to be customized and used as a logo design. If you’re in the IT security business, this particular vector, after some customization, can help you produce a great company logo.

Luxurious Royal Shield Vector

royal shield vector

Shields are often considered to symbolic to luxury and royalty. If your project requires you to include royal shields, then this vector set has got more than just one option to impress you. The vectors are designed in red and golden gradient colors.  

Grunge Winged Shield Vector

Grunge winged shield vector

This grunge-inspired winged shield vector is more than just apt to become your next wallpaper on your desktop or mobile. It’s an even better choice as a logo for t-shirt and other kinds of apparel.

Shield With Stars and Stripes Ribbon

Shield With Stars and Stripes Ribbon

This particular editable and customizable vector suits itself to be utilized to create army or navy logos. Furthermore, it is a purposeful option for designing a school or college emblem.  

Metallic Mediavel Shields Vector

Metallic Mediavel Shields Vector

Zelda Swords And Shields Vector

Zelda Swords And Shields Vector

Amazing Shield Vectors For Desktop

Colorful Shield Vectors For desktop

Download Heraldic Shield Vector

Heraldic shield vector

Golden Ornamental Shields Vector

Golden Ornamental Shields Vector

Pick any of the above shield vectors to craft and create your own logo designs for personal or professional use. Some of them would are great choices to be included on t-shirts, too. If you have web design projects requiring shield elements, then our compilation gives you many well-crafted vectors to choose from!

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