Silhouettes have been used in a variety of works and with several different mediums. And quite understandably so. These play off of negative and positive space and use the contours and curves of the chosen subject matter instead of relying on its tiny details. Done just right, one can produce an amazing work of art that cleverly straddles the line between simple and detailed.

Of course, none are more curvaceous and delicate yet defined than Woman Silhouettes. Stay awhile and check out this collection of 9+ beautiful girl silhouettes, which comes in JPG and AI Illustrator formats—perfect for those with a number of design needs!

Girl Face Silhouette


Girl Photography Silhouette


Sitting Girl Silhouette

Dancing Girl Silhouette


Girl with Umbrella Silhouette


Different Forms of Girl Silhouettes

Given that this collection of girl silhouettes is pretty limited in the way of presentation, you might think that there’s not much to see in these girl Silhouettes Vectors. But let me walk you through your different options, and you might be surprised!

  • Up Close and Personal – With a silhouette of a closeup (and by that, I mean pretty close up…in the face area), you could get the likes of “Girl Face Silhouette” and “Girl with Crown Silhouette.” Of course, the artists took some creative liberties by exaggerating the lashes (or falsies maybe, ha-ha!) and the curls and waves of the lovely locks.
  • Silhouettes in Photography – If you think silhouettes can only be achieved via digital rendering, think again! Just the right lighting (and equipment) can give you “Girl Photography Silhouette,” “Girl with Umbrella Silhouette,” and “Jumping Girl Silhouette.”
  • Still in Motion – I don’t know about you, but sometimes silhouettes have a way of messing with my head. I start to think, Are they posing, or is this actually something “captured” mid-motion? Check out “Sitting Girl Silhouette” and “Dancing Girl Silhouette,” and you be the judge.
  • Dolled Up – Try envisioning what kinds of looks could have been featured in “Girl Dress Silhouette.”

Jumping Girl Silhouette


Girl Dress Silhouette

Girl Vector Silhouette


Girl with Crown Silhouette

The Deal with Girl Silhouettes

Considering the variety in this collection of girl silhouettes (and while we’re at it, in these Dancing Girls Silhouettes as well), I would understand how easily it can inspire a number of you to get creative. But for the sake of those who haven’t been as inspired, here are some tips on how to use these girl silhouettes:

  • Girl Silhouette Vectors – Quite a handful of these girl silhouettes are editable AI vectors. This is great news for you graphic designers and illustrators, who more often than not are too swamped with projects to attempt to make every single element from scratch. With these girl silhouette vectors, you can save up on time and energy!
  • Design Inspiration – Doesn’t “Girl with Crown Silhouette” look like it could do well as a logo for, say, a hair care brand? And wouldn’t you know it, the graphics just beg for a punny name! Crowning Glory, perhaps?
  • Girl Silhouette Cutouts – If you’re old school and like your craftsy décor more on the handmade end of the spectrum, you can use any or all of these. The best part? You won’t have trouble cutting them because the figures are well defined.
  • Photography Ideas – Want to get your photo taken with the glorious sunset but you don’t want to take away from that gorgeous view? Well, opt for a silhouette!

Your options and our suggestions covered, all you need now is to check out the links and download!

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