Let’s see. I’m gonna go right ahead and say that you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or student in either field; and you’re looking for new vectors to add to your stock, perhaps something particular—something on the planetary side. Or you could be a middle schooler looking for high-quality Earth images for your school report on the Earth’s history, structure, and atmosphere.

Whether you fall into either category or not, this collection of 9+ globe vector illustrations may be of great interest to you. These Free Vectors of globes come in high res JPG, Vector PDF, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats. Stick around for a smidge, and check this globe vector collection out!

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Puzzle Globe Vector

3D Globe Vector Design


Globe Vector Icons

Free Globe Vector


Globe Dotted Vector


Globe Vectors 6 Ways

Ranging from the typical Earth globe structure that would naturally cross our minds upon hearing or reading the word globe to literal odd balls, this collection of globe vectors offer you such a wide assortment in design. These are unlike other Free Vector Graphics out there, for sure.

  • Crazy Patterns – The likes of “Puzzle Globe Vector,” “Free Globe Vector,” and “Globe Dotted Vector,” definitely bring in the party with their funky patterns. (Sidenote: doesn’t the first globe vector remind you of the Wikipedia logo?)
  • 3D – “3D Globe Vector Design” shows the globe in its three-dimensional glory with an addition of a silver ring around it.
  • Earthly Standard – In “Globe Vector Icons” and “Flat Globe Vector,” you get your standard Earth globe vectors. The former strives to give you the full picture by showing different parts of the world after four (partial) rotations. The latter, on the other hand, is your good ol’ flat Earth icon.
  • Textured – “World Globe Vector” features a cool geometric raised effect that makes each globe vector look like it has the texture of crumpled paper.
  • Grid – “Globe Wireframe Vector” and “Globe Grid Vector” are standard grid globe illustrations, the later having been afforded more creative liberties than the former.
  • Abstract – An interesting, deconstructed spin on globe vectors can be seen in “Abstract Globe Vector.”

World Globe Vector

Globe Wireframe Vector


Flat Globe Vector

Globe Grid Vector


Abstract Globe Vector


How-To’s with These Globe Vectors

Given the variety of designs in this collection of globe vectors, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if you’d be inspired to come up with a variety of uses for each globe illustration as well. (Oh, and by the way, you might wanna check out these Infographic Vectors.) A few of those uses may be the following:

  • Graphic Design – Like I said before, with your job as a graphic design artist or an illustrator, you’re gonna need stocks of different kinds of vectors and fonts. Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re gonna get with certain projects and clients. You might have to create a mockup of something very particular, so the best thing is to be prepared. And with this collection of globe vectors, you’re on your way there!
  • Drawing Practice, Art Inspiration – If you’re looking to improve your freehand drawing skills, you might need to have a guide, some reference material. You definitely have that in this collection of globe vectors. Also, with the way some of these globe vectors are illustrated, you may be inspired to view things from a different perspective, thereby influencing your art.
  • School Projects and Reports – As mentioned in the intro, you can get your fill of Earth globe vectors in this collection!

So there you have your globe vector illustrations! Feel free to inspect some more and download away!

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