Need to finish something for your graphic design or art direction class, say an interactive design of a mall parking lot? Wanna produce a decent output but lack the time to make everything, including the Cartoon Vectors, from scratch? Don’t you worry about a thing, chicken wing! We have just what you need.

We offer you the best collection of amazing car vectors for download, and with these bad boys, you can finish that project faster than you can travel to the nearest state. Probably. With a variety of designs to choose from, in a variety of formats—EPS, PNG, JPG, SVG—there truly is something for you in these downloadable, customizable car vectors.

Vintage Car Vector

Vintage Car Vector

Classic Car Vector

Classic Car Vector


Car Tire Vector

Car Tire Vector

Cartoon Car Vector

Cartoon Car Vector

Make and Model

Like going into a showroom or a parking lot, you see that there’s quite an assortment here. Except, of course, we’re talking about Free Vectors instead of real cars. Among the variants are the following:

  • Cartoony

If your project needs the animated spin, something like “Cartoon Car Vector” should be right up your alley. Still loosely related to that in terms of art style could be “Car Icon Vector.” The flat design should produce a more polished overall appearance.

  • Realistic

If you’re going for more realistic, 3D look and feel, the “Sports Car Vector” would be the best bet for you. And look, it’s a fancy-looking sports car! The kind you’re afraid to touch ’cause you might break something. If your work is tailored to a more realistic look and more serious tone, say a logo design for an up and coming car brand, this’ll be perfect for you.

  • Vintage

Those who love the older models may appreciate “Modern Car Vector” and “Vintage Car Vector.” These are perfect for the themed and more period-specific projects.

  • Special

The “Car Transparent Vector” has a more varied selection as regards the make, model, purpose of the vehicles featured (although they’re uniformly “stretched”).

Car Icon Vector

Car Icon Vector


Car Vector Silhouette

Car Vector Silhouette


Car Transparent Vector

Car Transparent Vector

Cartastrophe Averted!

With our collection of amazing car vectors for download and your talent and creativity, you can go over your projects and finish them without a hitch. But also, let’s not forget how lots of things don’t have just one purpose. On that note, here are a few more suggestions on how you can use these downloadable car vectors:

  • Graphic design projects

Like we said (and as if we can’t emphasize this any more than we already have), you can use any one of these car vectors for your projects. Whether you’re working on a logo design, an interactive home page, an addition to your portfolio, or simply something to make another person happy, these vectors will help you save time. (By the way, you might be interested in these Doodle Vectors as well.)

  • DIY stickers

And because why in God’s good earth not? You can download these, shove some sticker paper into your printer, print them out, and voila! DIY car stickers! This can be great for keeping in line (read bribing) little kids.

  • Art style inspiration

There’s always room for improvement and/or switching it up from time to time. So you can go ahead and download these vectors, study them, and maybe incorporate some styles into your own.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit download!

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