In various other articles on this website, there are quite a few you will come across that provides you a list of vector graphics that suit to a particular theme. Well, the reason there are so many downloadable vector illustrations is because of the wide range of design purposes they fit and find usefulness in. Because of the scalability options, designers are moving to vectors for everything as the option to rasterize the image is always available. You may also see Concert Vectors.

You can find a bunch of designs based on geometric vectors if that is something that you are looking for. Otherwise, here is a list of amazing stock illustrations of silhouettes of different objects and perspective, which you can download as a free or premium graphic available in different downloadable file option.You may also see Birthday Vectors.

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Silhouette Of a Couple and A Red Heart

As the name suggests, here is a free vector illustration of a couple in front of a big red heart. The vector can be used as the cover image for valentine greeting cards, or can be used as a reference for a similar design. You may also see Yoga Vectors.

Olympic Games Silhouette Vectors

Here is a collection of the silhouette in a single vector of different individuals participating in different sporting activities. Each of these silhouettes can be isolated and used separately for different design projects.

Amazing Vector Robot Silhouettes

Take a look at these free vector illustrations that show the silhouettes of different robots. These designs can be used for a flyer for a science exhibition-specific to the world of robotics and such.

Vector Illustration of Family Silhouettes

Here is a collection of premium vectors that shows the outlines of families with the couple along with their kids holding hands with each other.

Vector Silhouettes Animals

Moving from humans, now there are silhouettes of animals for you to pick from in the given link. The download will include an editable vector of all these animals. Or you can even download the png or jpeg file if that is what you want.

People Silhouettes Vector Set

This vector set contains silhouettes of different people of different sex posing differently. This vector set can be really useful in designing a flyer or a brochure for an educational institute, where you would want elements like these.

Vintage Silhouettes Business Vectors

Here are vector graphics that shows gentlemen in their suits and fancy ties carrying a briefcase up and down the stairs along with other designs. This vector can be used in presentation and for other such purposes.

Bird Silhouettes Vectors

Here is a downloadable zip file that will contain the editable vector of the silhouettes of the birds on a white background in eps file format along with a high resolution jpeg image.

Christmas Silhouettes Vectors

Christmas is about celebrations and colors. But here is one without the colors but still with all the beautiful elements of Christmas. Check out this set of vectors for creating something unconventional.

Tree Silhouettes Free Vectors

Here are silhouettes of different tree designs which you can use for your flyers, posters, invitations and other such stationary for nature or agricultural and garden related themes and ideas.

Baby Silhouettes Vectors

Here is a series of high quality detailed vectors that are silhouettes of toddlers and babies crawling and moving. These can find usefulness in designs for pediatrician or gynaecologists.

Chairs Silhouettes Vector Pack

Use this series of chairs silhouettes vectors that you can use for designs from the furniture world including logos for different brands.

Wedding Silhouettes Vectors

This is a high quality stock vector illustration of a weddings scene with bride and groom, along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen whom you can use separately as the design hasn’t been merged.

Collection Of Human Silhouettes

Here is another collection of human silhouettes with much more design options that were available in one of the vectors mentioned above.

Download Cameo Silhouettes Vector

Here is a vector which contains various girls sitting on a chair that looks similar to using chair as a prop for their dance routine. Download this free vector from the below mentioned link.

Dog Silhouettes Free Vector

Stylish Black Girl Silhouettes

Beautiful Vector Fairytale Silhouettes

Elderly Disabled People Silhouettes

Kids Silhouettes Dancing Vector

As you have noticed, the range of silhouettes vectors is quite wide, ranging from trees and nature, to human figures, to themes related to weddings, family, Olympics and such. So you can imagine that the existence of a vector as per your requirement is quite possible. And when you have the option of quickly using different design elements instead of sitting on your computer screen for hours, then why not go for this option. And when it comes to creativity, you can throw around your ideas just like this other series of abstract vectors.

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