Are you working on a design that needs to be presented in various sizes? Are you designing a logo for a client that will be published on various different places? Before you go any further, it would make sense for you to develop an understanding of Cloud Vectors graphics and how it can be beneficial in certain cases where you don’t want to work with pixels, rather with the locus of each of the points that can be scaled in any proportion.

Here, we provide you with some of the vector graphics related to the theme of “sky and Star Vectors”. You can download these vectors for free or a modest price to use in your designs or just look at them at the mentioned links for inspiration for your own designs. Check them out below.

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Cloud Blue Sky Vector

This is another cartoon like vector. This vector shows a dark blue background represented as the sky. And on top of that, there are various shapes of white bubbles to represent the clouds. It is available for four dollars and you can download it here if you want.

Moon And Stars Sky Vector

This is cartoon like vector which can be used to illustrate a child’s room as you can print it on a canvas on the roof. It is available for free and can be used for every personal project relating to presentations, books or blogs.

Blue Sky With Clouds Vector

It is a simple vector of a bright blue sky with clouds floating through it. This vector is available on ShutterShock. You can download it use it as background for your projects as it provides ample space to put your content and make it meaningful.

Sky Vector With Sun And Clouds


This vector shows a bright ball shinning on top of a blue background with rays coming out in different direction. The smudges on white on blue make the design appear more realistic. The vector can act as a background for your flyer or poster.

Natural Sky Landscape Vectors

Check out this link to find various vectors respective to the theme of sky and landscape. You can find illustrations just for the sky, or for the landscape as foreground with the sky in background, and multiple versions of the same.

Sunlight Cloudy Sky Vector

This vector is a little dreamlike with bubbles and waves on the surface. It is available for free and can be download from the below link. An appropriate use of this vector would be the cover photo for a greeting card.

Green Grass And Blue Sky Vector

Here you will find a design which you can download in different sizes as per your choice. This vector illustration shows an almost clear sky with the foreground of high green grass, the true essence of nature.

Watercolor Sky With Clouds Vector

This illustration gives the feel of a water color painting which shows a sky blue background with various clouds. The layering of colors has been very rightly done with blue getting lighter from top to bottom. And it is also free for personal and commercial use.

Birds In The Sky Vector Background

This cute vector is not just the sky and the clouds. This one also includes a few birds sitting on the pole wires cutting through the vector, or just flying high in the sky. The clouds represented can be used as thought bubble for the birds and thus help you create a series of comic line of dialogues between the birds. Do check it out.

Beautiful Sky Vector For Spring

The use of soft and beautiful colors makes this design a summer delight. This modern vector image shows a few birds soaring through the colorful sky above the clouds. The idea of the illustration was to create something dreamy, which the designer very well succeeded in.

Download 5 Sky Vectors

Awesome Cool Sky Vector

Sun and Beams Vector Background

Red Blurred Starry Sky Vector

White Clouds On Blue Sky Vector

Gradient Light Spot Sky Background

Beautiful Stars In Heaven Vector

Shiny Realistic Sky Background Vector

Watercolor Painted Sky Vector

Night Sky Vector Graphics

Cool Sky Nature Background

The use of vector graphics is gaining more and more popularity with each passing year. Because it doesn’t use the concept of pixels, the designers prefer it while designing a billboard where the size can create pixilated images instead of a clear design. Also, it works amazing for logos which you know after designed, will be used in various sizes.

The sky vectors mentioned above will inspire you to create your design along the same theme. And if not, you can still use these vectors in your brochure for a hotel, or a design depicting a summer sky, or just a greeting card. The usage is infinite.

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