A logo speaks more about a business and helps others identify it better than any other marketing/campaigning tool. It not only becomes the face f your brand but also help your brand to distinguish from others. A powerful and creatively designed logo makes it easier to remember your brand and create an identity that eventually adds credibility to the products and/or services you provide. Well if you are looking for an inspiration, here are some creative logo design ideas to put in place.

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Company Logo Designs

Depending on the industry you belong to and the type of product and services you are offering, a company logo can take many shapes. However, it is best to narrate your higher goals and business values with the logo design.

Insurance Company Logo Design

Free Diesel Company Logo

Business Logo Designs

When trying to come up with a creative business logo don’t give in to too much of experimentation! Creativity should be limited by a professional touch and there should be a visual connection with your business.

PSD Digital Business Logo

Abstract Business Logo Design

Professional Logo Designs

Professionally designed business logos bring in a mix of creativity, simplicity, and business identity. Like a picture is worth a thousand words, a professional logo should be able to precede the identity of the brand/product/business.

Simple Professional Logo

Professional Photography Logo Design

3D Logo Designs

3D logo designs are applicable to specific industries – ones that rely completely on visual supremacy. This will include games, movies, art and similar product lines.

3D Sphere Logo Design

Colorful 3D Animation Logo

Vintage Logo Designs

Vintage logos are perfect if you are trying to come up with something that identifies itself with the bygone era. Vintage has a special appeal to it and draws inspiration from traditional art.

Vector Vintage Logo

Vintage Shield Logo For Free

Corporate Logo Designs

Corporate logos are best kept to the minimal but at the same time; they also give an opportunity to be very creative. Rely on symbolism and simplicity when coming up with a corporate logo design.

Corporate Branding Logo

Creative Corporate Logo Design

Photography Logo Designs

Here, the product/brand itself is about visual supremacy. Consequently, you will have to come up with a compelling logo that both defines a standard and describes your product.

Business Photography Logo

Vector Photography Logo Design

Real Estate Logo Design

Real estate is about several things – a home, superior technology, safe construction, luxury, environment friendliness and more. Try defining your core advantages with the logo you come up with.

Modern Real Estate Logo

Stunning Logo For Real Estate

Sports Logo Designs

Sports logo design, by general acceptance, need to be cool, minimal and define the industry. It could be anything from a tick sign (Nike) to something more communicative as “EA Sports”.

Sports Club Logo Design

Download Simple Sport Logo

Restaurant Logo Designs

Business logos always precede the expectations before client/customers come into real physical touch with the business. Restaurant logos should thus be about healthy food, luxury, ambiance and such things.

Japanese Resturant Logo

Free Restaurant Logo Design

Farm Logo Design

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about your farm? Do you visualize greenery, fresh produce and something similar? Well, incorporate into your logo to make it a success!

Farm House Logo Design

Medical Logo Designs

Medical logo should be designed for easy and prompt recognition. From heart monitor signs to care graphics, everything is in common use. However, it helps to be easily identified in this industry.

Medical Center Logo Design

Canadian Medical Association Logo

Clothing Logo Design

Here, we are talking about the beauty industry. The logo subsequently needs to be something elegant, colorful and inspiring. Onlookers should clearly understand what the brand is promising.

Elegant Clothing Logo

Fashion Clothing Logo Design

Bakery Logo Design

Again, like farm logos, it’s mostly about fresh food here. The logo can be made to be highly representative using simple illustrations and/or colorful graphics.

Modern Bakery Logo

Cupcake Bakery Logo Design

School Logo Designs

Schools are places of education, inspiration and enlightenment. The log should establish the values that the particular institution stands by and promotes. It should be able to create a positive energy.

Simple High School Logo

Healthcare School Logo

Music Logo Design

Music is a language and self expressive. Consequently, when you are trying to come up with a logo for a music brand, a lot need not be said. Be creative with illustrations.

 PSD Music Home Logo

Simple Classical Music Logo

Name Logo Designs

In this case, the success of the logo heavily relies on the font that your use. Try coming up with something that identifies with the personality of the brand/individual and the work done.

Brand Name Logo Design

Name Based Logo Design

Educational Logo Designs

Creativity in this case can take several forms, ranging from simple illustrations to plain fonts that establish leadership and values. Do a thorough brainstorming into what suits your purpose best.

PSD Higher Education Logo

Free Education Logo Design

Coffee Logo Design

Get creative with illustration as it isn’t too difficult to come up with a logo that represents a delicious cup of caffeine! You can use colors to make it more communicative but sticking to monochrome is more popularly advised.

Free Coffee Logo Design

Special Coffee Logo

Abstract Logo Designs

Abstract logo designs are like artwork that sells in several millions. It’s about some stroke of the brushes and your pencil that will evoke special emotion from the onlooker. The visual should be open for interpretation!

Modern Abstract Logo Design

Abstract Company Logo

Drink Logo Design

Depending on the type of product you are designing for, the logo can take several forms. It could be a vintage graphics that represent a bottle of old wine or something as refreshing as a bottle of water!

Simple Drink Logo Design

Orange Drink Logo

Jewelry Logo Design

Jewelry Logos are popularly achieved using part illustrations representing a particular product. There should be a classy and minimalistic appeal to the logo, helped by a self-explanatory punch line!

Quartz Jewelry Logo

Simple Jewelry Logo Design

Retro Logo Design

Retro logos are about revisiting the glorious days of the past. It brings back the forgotten visuals and the emotions attached to it. Retro is class, colorful and loud.

Vector EPS Retro Logo

Retro Kids Logo Design

All the above are free logo design templates that has been created by industry professionals from across the globe and are meant to inspire your own design. They can be downloaded as a high-resolution vectors and some can even be customized to meet the needs of your brand/product. Just make sure that you are choosing something that closely represents the personality and values of your business.

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