A moving flame is beautiful, and additionally tantalizingly risky, however, there might be a substantially more profound purpose behind our fascination of it. Fire has been essential to human survival for millions of years, and in that time, people have advanced mental systems particularly devoted to controlling it. Have some control over this element by means of enhancing and applying them to your designs. So prepare to burst into flame with excitement as we serve you our hot list of 9 downloadable realistic flame vectors.

These vector designs are available in EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG formats, which will make your download and editing experience as convenient as possible. Do check our Free Vectors listing as well.

Candle Flame Vector

Candle Flame Vector


Torch Flame Vector

Torch Flame Vector


Gas Flame Vector

Gas Flame Vector

A Variety of Flame Vectors—Burn!

  • Let the Flames Begin – If you are looking for a wide assortment of flame vectors, you can choose from any of which that the “Fire Flame Vector” offers.
  • Tribal – These vector flames are not just for graphic application, but it can be used as a tattoo design stencil as well, choose from the “Tribal Flame Vector” to choose the design you want.
  • Candlelight – Do you wish to use a vector design of a candle that’s lit? That idea will be realized with the “Candle Flame Vector”.
  • Torches – Torches are commonly seen in sports or physical competition events. If you happened to be the assigned person for to design for the banner or stage wall, you can choose from “Torch Flame Vector”.
  • Chalk Art – Another creatively made vectors are the “Gas Flame Vector”. Use this for a project it would suit well on. You can see more of these illustration type in our Flame Illustration Vectors listing.
  • Fireball – Another event that a flame vector would be appropriate on is baseball. The “Baseball Flame Vector” will resemble how aggressive the players are which will heat up the game.
  • Cooled Down – If you’re looking for a burnt mark looking vector you can see a few or more of those with the “Handmade Flame Vector”.

Baseball Flame Vector

Baseballl Flame Vector

Circle Flame Vector

Flame Circle Vector


Handmade Flame Vector

Flame Handmade Vector

Car Flame Vector

Flame Car Vector

Flame Vector Background

Flame Vector Background

Fire Starters

At a loss as to how you can apply these designs? Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Amateurs – Not every one of us may be familiar or well-versed in graphic design programs, but you don’t have to feel intimidated by them. These vectors are quite versatile and easy to handle, so they can be applied to the simplest designs—be it your run of the mill school report or class presentation. You can utilize these fire vectors to decorate or to add to your Word or PowerPoint documents. They can even inspire some ideas for skin art if that’s your thing.
  • Practicing Graphic Designers and Experts – Designers know how important vectors like these are. They can populate the creative kits they’ve prepared, arranged and curated in order for them to make the design process faster and easier. They can just pick any number of designs—especially for customer-based ventures—without having to spend their time scouring the Internet for appropriate images.

So have you chosen the flame vector you like? If so, then go right ahead and download what you like best. If you happen to be fascinated by or need to get your hands on a couple of smoke effects, you can see the Smoke Vectors listing for yourself.

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