In today’s world, the word vine could have multiple possible meanings. It can be either the new platform that lets you share a few seconds-long video. But in the conventional sense, vine still refers to a climber.You may also see Flower Vectors.

In this article, you can scroll through some of the vine vectors related to a grapevine, that are available as illustration vectors and you can use in your project as a design element. There are other floral vectors as well, that you can look at to get an idVine Bunch Vector Design
ea of how to work with the vectors.You may also see Swirl Vectors.

Lovely Vine Foilage Vectors

Here is a collection of lovely ivy vine that has been rendered digitally and is available in various designs that you can repeat over space and use to create amazing borders for your design for free.

Floral Vine Graphic Vector

Here is an example of a floral vine graphic vector that looks elegant in its design. This vector can be used as a greeting card cover image or give you inspiration for the same.

Grapevine Ornaments Fruit Vectors

No vine vector will be complete without a proper grapevine design. Here is a collection of such designs that can be downloaded as vector illustration from the given link.You may see Ornament Vectors.

Grape Vine Frame Vector

Check out this amazing grapevine frame vector that you can use as the border frame for designs. You can even use this design to frame your pictures.

Vine Leaves Vector Pack

Here is a vector pack that you can download as an editable vector design and play with the colors and composition to create your own vine leaves.

Floral Vine Vector Design

This is a representation of vine growing and hanging from the walls, the way vines actually grow and spread through space.

Vine Design Elements Vector

Vine Design Elements Vector

If you are looking for a pack that contains various elements there are to a vine design then do make sure to check out this set on GraphicRiver.

Vine Corner Vector

Here is a vector of a vine that will cover one specific side of your design frame. You can repeat the design and change the orientation to fill the entire frame.

Hand Drawn Vine Vector

Check out this cool hand-drawn vine vector in shades of black on a white background. The design is an outline vector that you can download in high resolution.

Grape Vines End Berries Set

Grape Vines End Berries Set

This representation is borderline cartoon-like, showing grapevines and berries that you can download as an editable vector illustration.

Download Vine Background Vector

Check out this amazing vintage looking vine foliage that can be used as a border frame for the design. You can download this vector from the given link.

Vintage Vine Vector Illustration

Here is another hand-drawn, vintage-looking vine design with a bunch of grapes that you can download as a high-quality vector illustration from ShutterStock.

Simple Ivy Vine Vector

Download this digitally rendered simple vector design for ivy vines from the mentioned download link.

Creative Green Vine Vector

Here is another vine vector illustration set that you can download and edit in your computer on Adobe Illustrator.


Swirly Vines Lush Leaves Vector

Grace Vine Vector Series

Awesome Cool Vine Vector

Check out this cool and diagonal vine vector design that you can again download as an editable vector illustration from VectorStock.

Green Plant Flower Vine Vector

Simple Vine Background Vector

Vine Bunch Vector Design

Vine Vegetation Vector Graphics

The use of vector illustration makes the work easier for a graphic designer. Using vines as a design element doesn’t need to be restricted to borders and frames. They can also be mixed and matched with other artwork to create amazing designs. You can even pair them with geometrical vectors and use it as background for your poster design.

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