We have all heard or read about fairytale stories and the proverbial ‘fairytale endings’, more importantly fairies have been a staple of childhood for the longest time now. Fairies have been depicted as extremely beautiful female creatures that seem to carry a divine or heavenly vibe about them. For this reason, and the large number of stories associated with them, the fairy has been one of the most popular characters of all time. Historically speaking, the fairy is considered to be a legend that has European folklore origins. The fairy is believed to human-looking and bestowed with magic powers. If you’re a believer in fairies then this post is going to make you very happy. We have for you a lineup of some of the most wonderful Fantasy Fairy Wallpapers which you could use to deck up your computer desktop.

Fantasy Fairy in Green Wallpaper

Fantasy Fairy in Green WallpaperSource

Fairy with Purple Roses Wallpaper

Fairy with Purple Roses WallpaperSource

Beautiful Fairy with Cat Wallpaper

Beautiful Fairy with Cat WallpaperSource

Fairy Girl with Wings Wallpaper

Fairy Girl with Wings WallpaperSource

Elf Fantasy Fair Wallpaper

Elf Fantasy Fair WallpaperSource

The Fairy & that Frog Prince

The Fairy & that Frog PrinceSource

A Visit to Fairyland Wallpaper

A Visit to Fairyland WallpaperSource

The ‘fairy’ as a concept has been a part of various folklore’s across different countries of the world. The descriptions of fairies may have been alike – broadly – but there have been trivial differences in the appearance of fairies in different folklores. Nonetheless, the fairy is still believed to be one of the most ethereal legends of all time.

Beautiful Fairy in Forest Wallpaper

Beautiful Fairy in Forest WallpaperSource

Gorgeous Fairy with Bird Wallpaper

Gorgeous Fairy with Bird WallpaperSource

Forest Fairy Wallpaper

Forest Fairy WallpaperSource

Fairy Child on Moon Wallpaper

Fairy Child on Moon WallpaperSource

Pretty Forest Fairy Wallpaper

Pretty Forest Fairy WallpaperSource

Download Beautiful Fairy Wallpaper

Download Beautiful Fairy WallpaperSource

Fairies have played a pivotal role in English literature, as they portrayed central character in many of the children’s stories. In art also, fairies have been quite prominent.If you would like to have a fairy staring at you in the comforts of your office or home, then certainly you must scroll through our set of HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers.

Fairy on a Tree Wallpaper

Fairy on a Tree WallpaperSource

Free Real Fairy Wallpaper

Free Real Fairy WallpaperSource

Fairy in Forest with Birds Wallpaper

Fairy in Forest with Birds WallpaperSource

Fairy in Tree Hole Wallpaper

Fairy in Tree Hole WallpaperSource

Awesome Real Fairy Wallpaper

Awesome Real Fairy WallpaperSource

Tinkerbell Fairy Wallpaper

Tinkerbell Fairy WallpaperSource

The Pirate Fairy 2014 Wallpaper

The Pirate Fairy 2014 WallpaperSource

Naptime Fairy in Forest Wallpaper

Naptime Fairy in Forest WallpaperSource

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