“An angel is watching over me.” “An angel is sitting on my shoulder.” These are popular idioms which are oft-used by people. Well, the existence of angel girly wallpapers is a debatable subject of course, but for the staunch believers, angels do exist and do good for people. Angels are believed to be white, light-hearted pretty beings that have wings and are able to fly.

Fantasy Angel Wallpaper

Fantasy Angel WallpaperSource

Christmas Angel Statue Wallpaper

Christmas Angel Statue WallpaperSource

Beautiful Angel Mirror Wallpaper

Beautiful  Angel Mirror WallpaperSource

Sensual Angel Wallpaper For You

Sensual Angel Wallpaper For YouSource

Free 3D Angel Wallpaper

Free 3D Angel WallpaperSource

 If you’re someone who is looking for an angel to watch over you, and don’t know where to look or who to ask, well, maybe could help you. In this post we have compiled a set of wonderful Angel Wallpapers which you can customize your desktop screen with.

Download Fantasy Girl Wallpaper

Download Fantasy Girl  WallpaperSource

Girl Angel Feathers Wallpaper

Girl Angel Feathers WallpaperSource

Anime Angel Calendar Wallpaper

Anime Angel Calendar WallpaperSource

Dark Angel Wallpaper For You

Dark Angel Wallpaper For YouSource

Elgant Angel Wallpaper

Elgant Angel WallpaperSource

This way you will always have an angel looking at you whenever you are browsing on your desktop.Angels are represented differently by different designers. Of course the signature image of an angel shows a figure dressed in pristine white, wings emerging out from the back, and a peaceful smile playing on the face.

Green Fantasy Angel Wallpaper

Green Fantasy Angel WallpaperSource

Flying Sky Angel Wallpaper

Flying Sky  Angel WallpaperSource

Amazing Little Girls Wallpaper

Little Girls Angel WallpaperSource

Heavenly Cool Angel Wallpaper

Heavenly Cool Angel WallpaperSource

Artistic Fiction Angel Wallpaper

Artistic Fiction Angel WallpaperSource

Dark Blue Angel Wallpaper

DArk Blue Angel WallpaperSource

There have been other kinds of depictions as well – which are bold in nature in terms of overall design and artwork, use of dark colors etc. Of course, which kind of representation fits to your description of an angel, well, that’s a choice you have to make.

Extraordinary Archangel Wallpaper

Extraordinary  Archangel WallpaperSource

High Resolution Angel Wallpaper

High Resolution Angel WallpaperSource

Arrow Baby Angel Wallpaper

Arrow Baby Angel WallpaperSource

Angel Of Peace Wallpaper

Angel Of Peace WallpaperSource

Pretty Pink Angel Wallpaper

Pretty Pink Angel WallpaperSource

Marvellous Fire Angel Wallpaper

Mrvellous Fire Angel WallpaperSource

In our collection of Angel Wallpapers we have got resplendent artworks which we are confident will strike a chord with you. Check out the beautiful set of angel HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers. 

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