The life of desktop wouldn’t have been so exciting if it wasn’t for wallpapers. Thanks to this particular feature, users can very easily have the image of their favorite object, person, animal etc. spread out across their computer screens and remain there as long as you wish. Wallpapers can very easily perk up anyone’s spirits. Everyone has their own choice when it comes to wallpapers. In this post we are going to give freebies in the form of Gold Backgrounds. Who doesn’t love metallic colors? Everyone would appreciate if they had a bit of gold in their lives at any given time right? This post gives you just that – as wallpapers of course.

Gold Jewelry Stones Rain Wallpaper

Gold Jewelry Stones Rain WallpaperSource

Plain Golden Wallpaper For You

Plain Golden Wallpaper For YouSource

Abstract Textured Golden Wallpaper

Abstract Textured Golden WallpaperSource

Golden Gate Bridge Fog Wallpaper

Golden Gate Bridge Fog WallpaperSource

Golden Feather Wallpaper

Golden Feather WallpaperSource

Golden Bullion Scales Wallpaper

Golden Bullion Scales WallpaperSource

Golden Wavy Abstract Wallpaper

Golden Wavy Abstract WallpaperSource

Gold is the world’s most popular metal. Amongst the most expensive, gold as a metal and color, surface impresses many people. As a metal, gold reflects richness and luxury. As it is amongst the priciest of metals, having gold in your belongings is a good sign always, right? As a color, gold is known to mirror attributes of victory, success and triumph. Many love golden color in its many avatars because it throws at them a winner’s vibe. Surely you can have that vibe rub off a little on you; you just have to do one thing. Download our collection of gold wallpapers. All of them are HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers. There’s no need to fret about how the gold is going to look on your screen after all. Go for gold!

Golden Dollar Wallpaper For You

Golden Dollar Wallpaper For YouSource

Beautiful Golden Flower Macro Wallpaper

Beautiful Golden Flower Macro WallpaperSource

Sea Anemone Golden Wallpaper

Sea Anemone Golden WallpaperSource

Precious Gold Chest Wallpaper

Precious Gold Chest WallpaperSource

Apple Gold Color Wallpaper

Apple Gold Color WallpaperSource

Floral Golden Pattern Wallpaper

Floral Golden Pattern WallpaperSource

Golden Trees Wallpaper

Golden Trees WallpaperSource

Golden Butterfly Wing Wallpaper

Golden Butterfly Wing WallpaperSource

Golden Ligature Pattern Wallpaper

Golden Ligature Pattern WallpaperSource

High Definition Golden Wallpaper

High Definition Golden WallpaperSource

Golden Eggs Wallpaper

Golden Eggs WallpaperSource

Chanel Logo Golden Wallpaper

Chanel Logo Golden WallpaperSource

Golden Stone Wallpaper For Free

Golden Stone Wallpaper For FreeSource

Gold Light Color Wallpaper

Gold Light Color WallpaperSource

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