We would like to see things with a clear vision and in a clearer perspective. But web and graphic designers like to challenge limits and excite users. That’s why you would have come across blurred images, blurred designs. Ever wondered if that was a mistake? Well, sometimes, abstract wallpapers is a very clever artistic trick which the designers employ so as to diversify their works and present a likable challenge to the viewers.

Blurred Bright Wavy Wallpaper

Blurred Bright Wavy WallpaperSource

Abstract Blur Background Wallpaper

Abstract Blur Background WallpaperSource

Download Blur HD Wallpaper

Download Blur HD WallpaperSource

Amazing Blur Colors Wallpaper

Amazing Blur Colors WallpaperSource

Ice Snow Melting Blurred Wallpaper

Ice Snow Melting Blurred WallpaperSource

There are so many people around the world that find blurry designs to be awesome. Are you one of them? If so, then you’re going to love what we have for you here. Let your eyes and imagination take a walk together.

 Blurred Stripes Wallpaper For Free

Blurred Stripes Wallpaper For FreeSource

Paris Eiffel Tower Blurred Wallpaper

Paris Eiffel Tower Blurred WallpaperSource

Blurred Autumn Wallpaper

Blurred Autumn WallpaperSource

Smoke Blurred Bright Wallpaper

Smoke Blurred Bright WallpaperSource

Abstract Blurred Wallpaper For You

Abstract Blurred Wallpaper For YouSource

Shiney Dots Blurred Wallpaper

Shiney Dots Blurred WallpaperSource

The most amazing thing about blurred wallpapers is that you’re constantly guessing what is or could be in the wallpaper which has been distorted so artistically. Nowadays designers are careful that they make blurred wallpapers pleasant to look at, and not an exercise for the eyes.

Blurred Colorful Flower Wallpaper

Blurred Colorful Flower WallpaperSource

 Blurred Half Moon Wallpaper

Blurred Half MoonWallpaperSource

 Blurred Bokeh Lights Wallpaper

Blurred Bokeh Lights WallpaperSource

 Blurred Lines Background Wallpaper

Blurred Lines Background WallpaperSource

Solid Plain Blurr Wallpaper

Solid Plain Blurr WallpaperSource

There is a variety of colors and designs which go into the making of blurred wallpapers. At times, designers take any image of prominence and run a blur effect on it. It’s that simple really.

Blurred Snow Branches Wallpaper

Blurred Snow Branches WallpaperSource

Blurred Square Checker Wallpaper

Blurred Square Checker WallpaperSource

Fantastic Blurred Wallpaper

Fantastic Blurred WallpaperSource

Blurred Rail Road Wallpaper

Blurred Rail Road WallpaperSource

Triangle Light Blurred Wallpaper

Triangle Light Blurred WallpaperSource

Flying Birds Blurred  Background

Flying Birds Blurred BackgroundSource

Las Vegas Blurred Floor Wallpaper

Las Vegas Blurred Floor WallpaperSource

You could try to create blurred wallpaper too, just that you have to know the tricks in Photoshop.Well, we have got a wonderful set of blurred wallpapers – all of them HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers.Take a real good look right away and personalize your desktop screen with your favorite!

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