One of the best combinations of natural colors that are existent in our world is the combination of blue and yellow- just like the sky and the sun. With the spectacular aura and the impeccable contrast, this color combination brings a great sense of serenity in the minds of the people seeing the picture. So this contrast can be implemented in designing a logo or poster. As a design, the blue and yellow background will be able to draw people’s attention.

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Free Blue & Yellow Background Download

With the darkness of blue and the vibrant yellow, the color contrast creates a great sense of pleasure and will be able to draw the attention of the viewer. This background can be utilized for a poster with the company message.  The text will pop out naturally on the background, and can be seen from a distance, which is great for company advertisements.


Yellow Flower on a Dark Blue Background

What more serenity can exist than a yellow flower on a dark blue background. This design or image can be utilized for a children hospital. It can also be used as a great soothing wallpaper for your screen.


 Blue & Yellow Streaks Free Download

The streaks can be used to represent the flow of nature and movement. This High Definition design will be best suited for large screens, as a screen saver or wallpaper.


Yellow Roses on a Dark Blue Background

Yellow roses represent good friendship and nostalgia. With yellow roses on the blue background, you can relive your past, relive the moments. This design will look beautiful as a background image for your smartphone and tablet. You can also photoshop a personal message or text and send it to your loved ones.


Yellow & Blue Abstract Background

The abstract blue and yellow design represents the unruly and irregular nature. While the mix of yellow and blue can be used to represent the blend of simplicity and serenity. This is best suited as a screen saver.


Blue to Yellow Sweep Abstract Background

Blue being a color representing peace and tranquility & yellow representing hope, joy and happiness, the sweep from blue to yellow represents the connection between peace & hope. Such a design can have a positive effect on your psyche, so it would be better you set this bright & optimistic design as your phone wallpaper.


Abstract Blue & Yellow Background Vector


Abstract Blue Lines on Yellow Background

The blue lines on a yellow background are symbolic of peace in the presence of hope, a perfect design for organizations for the development of children. It can also make the phone or tablet screen look bright, and the text appears to be clear, even in bright sunlight.


Abstract Mosaic Blue & Yellow Background

Yellow and blue abstract background is used to represent the perfect blend of serenity, simplicity, and complexity. The pattern represents a workspace, so it would be a good wallpaper for your work computer as it will make you more peaceful while you are at your work.


Blue Nike Logo in Yellow Background

A perfect symbol of optimism and dynamic thought process. With a yellow background representing hope, the blue Nike logo can be quite dynamic as wallpaper as it would make you hopeful about your future and you would never get bored because of this wallpaper.


Abstract Blue & Yellow Background For Free

This epitome of contrast can be used as a logo in order to represent gentleness and soothe. With the use of this contrast as a logo, one can represent the simplicity. It can be used as night wallpaper for your personal smartphone, as it is not too bright and would not hurt your eyes.


Blue Heart on a Yellow Background


Yellow Flower in Blue Background


Free Blue & Yellow Background For Download


Solid Blue & Yellow Background For Free


These incredible designs with the proper and systematic blending of blue and yellow will give you hope and help you to be dynamic at work or business. These designs can be used as Wallpaper, screensaver or as a background for your logo; you can even make a lot of changes with photoshop to make it more suitable for your needs.

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