Star Wars is probably one of the oldest movies that still resides in the heart of the audiences and immediately creates a sense of nostalgia when one looks at them. The epic series of 6 films, the Star Wars wallpapers are available for free download and have been widely used by the designers to create the game backgrounds or the themes for the posters, banners, templates or flyers for a long time. Most of the Star war backgrounds and wallpapers are available in HD resolution.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Background

Unleashed Force Star Wars Background

Star Wars Desktop Background


Best Star Wars Background

Amazing HD Star Wars Wallpaper

Star Wars HD Background

Beautiful Collection of Star Wars Background


Star Wars Wide Screen Desktop Wallpaper

Recreating nostalgia

The social appeal of Star wars have expanded a lot like through the Star Wars book, comic strips, TV series, games and much more. So why the designers should be left behind? The popularity of these film series and all its character has seen the zenith of popularity and to maintain the same admiration, they are endorsed by wallpapers and desktop background in the png or jpeg format. The colour, fonts and gradient can be easily changed with the editing software, Photoshop.

Stunning Desktop Star Wars Background


Star Wars Wallpaper


Star Wars Battle Front HD Wallpaper

Star Wars HD Desktop Wallpaper


Fantastic Star Wars HD Background

Star Wars HD Wallpaper

Star Wars HD Desktop Background

Weapons or character?

For keeping the love of star wars alive, the wallpapers and the backgrounds have contributed significantly! The sci-fi appeal of the background images is enhanced depending on what you focus more upon –the characters or the weapons. To make the background complete, the star war logo should also be added. With time the logo has changed and it should be carefully chosen depending upon the character that you are using for the background. Create the state-of-the-art design and make one of the most stylized desktop backgrounds embedded with nostalgia.

Star Wars Galaxies Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Star Wars Wallpaper HD Background

Star Wars HD Characters Wallpaper

Amazing Star Wars HD Galaxy Wallpaper

High Res Star Wars Desktop Background

Star Wars Galaxies Desktop Background

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