You seem to have found yourself in quite a bit of a rut as your day-to-day has become, dare I say, mundane and downright boring. So you decide to pull up a chair and get creative with a mini freehand sketching session. But then it dawns on you. What am I supposed to draw? How do I even start?

Well, lucky for you, you have this collection of star drawings for your perusal and inspiration-gleaning needs. These star sketches come in an assortment of designs, some of them being rather impressive Realistic Drawings. They are also available for JPG download. So stay awhile and keep on browsing, you starry-eyed artist you!

Shooting Star Drawing

Shooting Star Drawing


Ninja Star Drawing

Ninja Star Drawing


Nautical Star Drawing

Nautical Star Drawing


Patrick Star Drawing

Patrick Star Drawing


A (Digital) Galaxy of Star Drawings

While you may find some of these as nothing more than some Cute Drawings, you can’t deny that there are a few rather impressive ones as well. So before you dismiss them all at once, you might wanna browse on to see what we have to offer in this collection of star drawings.

  • Good Old Five Points

We’re all familiar with the standard shape: a bunch of triangles coming together to mesh with five pointy tips fanning outward. Well, essentially, that is a pretty spot-on description, yes? Yes. Anyway, for you semi-purists out there, you can find the good old five points in the following star sketches: “Shooting Star Drawing,” “Moon and Star Drawing,” “Star Tattoo Drawing,” and “Geometric Star Drawing.”

  • Not Quite the Star You’d Expect

Then, of course, you have a few not-so stars—ones that are either star-shaped or star references as opposed to the actual thing. There is the “Ninja Star Drawing,” which is a choice weapon among ninjas, ninja-esque characters, and wannabe ninjas. You have a two-for-one offer in this collection with “Nautical Star Drawing” and “Patrick Star Drawing” (fans would know why). Then there’s these two: “Star Wars Drawing” and “Night Star Pencil Drawing.”

  • Free interpretation

For those who like to push the boundaries with art and opt to deconstruct things to create something new, you might like “Abstract Star Drawing.”

Abstract Star Drawing

Abstract Star Drawing

Geometric Star Drawing

Geomertic Star Drawing


How-To’s with These Star Drawings

Like these Butterfly Drawings, though not offering much in the way of subject matter, they still offer quite a variety that can definitely inspire people to become more creative. By that, of course, I mean that you can absolutely use these star drawings in a number of different ways:

  • Design Ideas

Stars are quite popular as Christmas ornaments; and I bet that with “Star Tattoo Drawing,” “Abstract Star Drawing,” and “Geometric Star Drawing” (all painted in gold, of course), you wouldn’t mind your tree and/or home adorned with them. “Abstract Star Drawing” can also be used as inspiration for a company logo or some other concept design.

  • Art Inspiration

With a little number like “Patrick Star Drawing,” perhaps you will be motivated to create something morbid, what with all the peeling of the skin and stuff. “Moon and Star Drawing” may inspire you to create an entire piece with just dots or maybe lines.

  • Instant Coloring Page

Bring out your Crayolas, and download and print out “Moon and Star Drawing.” Then you’re golden.


There you have it! Confirmation that you can definitely take these star drawings and turn them into gold star–worthy works of art. You won’t regret downloading any or all of these star sketches, so go ahead and do that!

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