As a graphic designer starting out, you wouldn’t want to restrict yourself to certain design themes. You will have to be a little more flexible to accommodate different projects that come your way. And some of them might include you working with zippers. It can be a project for some client in the fabric industry, or maybe you just want to add some funk to your abstract artwork. You may also see Sketch Brushes.

To help you with the above said, there are brushes for Adobe CS that you can get hold of from the web, thanks to other designers and the world of web. Here, we have compiled a list of these brushes that you check out here, and even if you are not currently in the look of such a brush, you would be inspired to create a new design incorporating the brush. You may also see Torn Photoshop Brushes.

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Zip Brushes for Photoshop

Check out this link to find the realistic zipper brush for photoshop that you can download in ABR format. You will find brushes in different chain sizes, with and without the slider. And downloading this pack won’t cost you anything at all. You may also see Rope Brushes.

Zipper Brushes For Download

Well, the imagination is what makes us different from machines. And the brilliant imagination of use of the chain brushes has been demonstrated here by forming letter using them. So a client who manufactures the zippers in millions every day will definitely be impressed.

Zippers & Stitching Design Brushes

Here is a free download of brushes that is will be of some importance to the people from the fashion world. This pattern brushes pack can be used for stitching, sewing, etc apart from the chain representation of a zip.

High Resolution Zipper Brush Set

Things get a little heated up as me move on the list. Here you will find 4 sets of 3 brushes to represent the main part and the open sections of the zipper. The 4 designs are available in metal, grunge and flat styles for the vector zipper brushes.

Zipper Illustrator Brushes

Here is a cool collection of vector brushes patterns that you can download in high quality from the below-mentioned link. The brush patterns have been digitally created and are nothing similar to the conventional zip design.

Zipper Chain Brushes for Photoshop

This one is aimed and developed for personnel from the world of fashion. Here you will find fifty different sliders for your zip design, along with 8 different chain designs. You can even modify different aspects of the color and size to get different results.

Golden Zipper Brush Format

Here is a high-resolution zipper brush that is set in a shade of gold. The gold of the zipper slider has been shaded in a softer tone that the chain itself to give the contrast. The stock vector illustration can be downloaded from the given link.

50 Dot Zipper Brushes

Well, a zip is nothing but bits and pieces of dots and crisscrossing sections to give you the desired look. But now you can widen that design structure with these 50 amazing and brilliant vector brushes that are available for adobe illustrator.

Zipper PS Brush Pack

Here is another high-quality stock vector illustration that you can use a brush to create zippers. You can easily change the size and use it for an actual zipper or a border for your design.

Vector Chain Zipper Brush Set

This one has made the list because of the enormous collection of illustrator brushes, and also because of the extreme discount that is going on for this download. Check out the download link to find out more about this brush set.

Fully Editable Zipper Brushes

Seams n Zipper Brushes

Zipper Brushes and Style Set

Zipper Chain Brushes Set

By now you know that brushes in photoshop and illustrator are not just for simple strokes to fill up the page, but also to add such patterns and designs. You will have to use a zipper brush for a design where you are creating a mockup of a file folder, or a new pair of denim or a winter jacket if you are from the apparel business. And like mentioned before, they also used as a design element for an artwork or stationery design for the client from the zipper making industry.

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