The soft feather brushes are useful in every way, no matter which type of design you are creating, they will surely come handy. These high-quality brushes allow you add a subtle and feathery touch to the layout to make it look pleasant and appealing.

Free Photoshop Feather Brushes

Free Photoshop Feather Brushes

This template has the colorful feather brushes that will make every graphic designing look more elegant and beautiful. The best benefit that it features is, easy downloading facility, which will make the designs more fascinating and appealing. Use this template in the most creative manner.

6 Soft Feather Brushes with Bokeh Background

Soft Feather Brushes with Bokeh Background

This Bokeh background template has the prettiest and colorful feathers that can make any designing piece look so soothing and cheerful. Available in the ABR format, this template is easy to download and you can use it for unlimited varieties in creativeness.

Feather Brushes for Gimp and Photoshop

Feather brushes for gimp and photoshop

Be it wallpapers or background images, but few strokes of soft feather brushes can transform the complete exterior of the images as well as make them appear better than before. These brushes are delicate and sensuous, which helps you in the creation of elegant yet stylish designs. Scroll down to take a look of the available Photoshop brushes that will do wonders to your artwork!

Feathers Fallen Brush Set

Feathers Brush Set

This template features the fallen feathers which are white in and perfect to be used for background images, artistic designing, crafty wallpapers and so much more. The color selection and the amazing layout make it perfect to be used for creative and innovative designing.

Download 11 Photoshop Soft Feather Brushes

Download 11 photoshop soft feather brushes

Using these elegant brushes, you can provide your design a softer and natural touch that will allure the glance of every visitor towards it. This collection includes brushes featuring feather such as plain, duck, bird, patterned, peacock and many more. They are available in different sizes and shapes to get along with every type of design.  

Feathers Brushes Pack

Feathers Brushes Pack

Download the soft feather brushes as per your preferences and all of the options available here are entirely free to download and use. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice, just get the set in .ARB format today and add them to your existing brush collection.

Download 9 Adobe Photoshop Brushes Pack

Download 9 Adobe Photoshop Brushes Pack

Using the high-quality brushes, you can develop designs from scratch as you can modify the size of strokes and grain density depending upon the design needs. They can add a realistic effect to make the project look natural and realistic.

Feather Photoshop Brushes

Feather photoshop brushes

The use of this feathers’ brush which is beautifully made in blue and purple color is the most reviving thing. The download is easy to be done, and is carried out in the ABR format. This template can be used for Photoshop effects that will make your design look more impressive and commendable. You may also see Wings Brushes

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