Thank You Cards are essential elements of keeping your relationships intact. This is especially true after some event or celebration in which anyone who has ever been close to you–friends, family, even ex-lovers–took the time out of their regular schedules to spend it with you. Bridal showers are definitely no exceptions.

However, knowing what a bride (and even groom) has to go through during the preparations, the time to design your own thank you cards is something you simply may not have. Make it easier on yourself: scroll through our list of elegant bridal shower thank you cards, download what suits you, change a few details and print them out.

Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Personalized Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Elements of A Bridal Shower Thank You Card

  • Fashion Revelation

Do up your cards in the apparel that’s fit for a bride. Feature an image of your bridal getup–or even images of your entire entourage–like the “Bridal Shower Thank You Card”, the “Gown Bridal Shower Thank You Card” and the “Folded Bridal Shower Thank You Card”.

  • Blissful Floral

During certain celebrations, a lot of other things fill the air: love, the sound of wedding bells, and the scent of flowers perfuming the breeze. Give your thank you cards the life and vibrance of flowers as shown in “Rustic Bridal Shower Thank You Card”, “Simple Bridal Shower Thank You Card” and “Chalkboard Bridal Shower Thank You Card”.

  • The Trick to Thematic

If the ocean appeals to you more than a garden does, then you most likely will be having a beach wedding. For this kind of theme, add an element representing the sea in your designs: a shell, a starfish or even an anchor like what you find in “Nautical Bridal Shower Thank You Card.”


After the bridal party and after the wedding bells have sounded their final toll, what comes next is the welcoming of that little bundle of joy. For this particular event, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Check out and choose from our array of great Baby Shower Thank You Cards.

Gown Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

Vintage Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Folded Bridal Shower Thank You Card

Bridal Shower Thank You Card


The Benefits of Saying “Thank You”

  • Strengthen Your Relationships With Others

The first and foremost reason you should send thank you notes to others is that it allows you to strengthen that bond that you already have with them. Not only that, but there are also those times when you feel as if picking up the phone and telling them “Thanks” simply isn’t enough. Give your friends and family tangible evidence of your gratitude, and it will surely be remembered.

  • Make Someone’s Day

Showing how grateful you are for anything that anyone has done for you is often lost in the bustle of activities in everday life. It’s an act that is often foregone. A little, therefore, goes a long way. Brighten up someone’s day by giving them one of these thank you cards. It doesn’t have to be for an occasion, it could be for the simplest things that person has done for you that day.

  • Teaches Gratitude

Being grateful for something–even the little things–gives us a more positive view of the world. It allows us to shift our perspective, giving us the ability to be a little more satisfied with our lives. Learn to be happy by first learning how to show gratitude.

For more options, take a look at this list of Free Thank You Ecards.

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