If you know better about this website, you will know about these articles which are written not just for designers, but for every person as well, with an idea of empowering them with designs and how to use them. Similarly, this compilation is for anyone who is hoping to get a new Tattoo Design. Also, tattoo artists can have a record of this for some design ideas and design inspiration for customers who are not yet ready with their final designs.

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Lion Tattoo Design For Legs

Animals are always a great choice for a tattoo. It can be a doodled owl or can be a couple of lions and wolf-like the design shown in the below-mentioned link.

Free Rose Tattoo Design

Roses make a great design element for tattoos. And here is a design compilation of 4 roses that will give you a better understanding of the top and side view of a rose bud to be placed in a tattoo.

Cross Tattoo Design

Religious elements are often added with extra artwork. And here is a design of a cross tattoo on the back of the person who is sharing this with all of us. You can download the photo for reference purposes.

Colorful Flower Tattoo Design

Here is a vector illustration that contains a few designs for digitally illustrated flower and floral designs that can be downloaded as a premium design in eps and air format.

Butterfly Tattoo Design on White Background

The butterfly has to be placed properly to separate it from becoming a tramp stamp. But that depends on how good the tattoo artist is. And here are designs for a butterfly that you can download as a vector.

Tribal Tattoo Design For Womens

Ancient tribal elements do make an elegant tattoo design. And here is a collection of such rustic designs that can make abstract tattoo elements. Download the premium design from here.

Heart Tattoo Design

A heart wrapped around in a ribbon or another such element going around it is not a new tattoo design. But there are so many variations of it that it can make your tattoo design definitely unique.

Vector EPS Skull Tattoo Design

Skulls add the bad boy image to your tattoo. And here is a great doodled design for a skull tattoo that is again a premium editable vector illustration that you can download from the given link.

Anchor Tattoo Design

Check out this cool reference for an anchor tattoo. The design has been shaded and not filled with color, and contains artwork inside the outline of the anchor as well.

Star Tattoo Design For Shoulder

Here is a design for a star tattoo. The colorful tattoo design can be downloaded as an image from the given link and is available in multiple size options. Check it out here.

Simple Horse Tattoo Design

Here is a tattoo design that shows a flying horse as a design element along with another element of flowers. Check out the link below to know more about the design details.

Feather Tattoo Design

Feathers make a great tattoo as well. One of the most common designs is the unwrapping of a feather with top half converting into flying birds. But here is a simple design of two feathers.

Free Tattoo Design For Hand

Here is another design for a rose tattoo that is always a good option for a neutral tattoo design. Check out the link below to see how it actually looks on the human skin.

Arrow Tattoo Design

Here is another arrow design with a feather attached to the end and is piercing through a star. You can download this realistic image from the below-mentioned link to use as a reference.

Smile Tattoo Design on Finger

Minimal tattoo designs are on the rise for people who are not comfortable with a tattoo covering a big part of their body. Here is a tattoo that says smile on the side of your finger.

Beautiful Eagle Tattoo Design


Download Elephant Tattoo Design


Attractive Sun Tattoo Design


Different Vintage Tattoo Design


Things couldn’t have been made simpler for you. You probably don’t need this section of advice on how to use these tattoo designs. But keeping to the format, here it goes. Once you have a look at it and download it into your computer, you can either use them as the final design or work on them a little to customize to your customer’s requirements.

Most tattoo artists would like to print and make the changes on paper, but in case you are well equipped with editing tools, you can make the changes on photoshop or illustrator or any other such editing tools. You may also see Butterfly Tattoos.

So go ahead and use these beautiful and simple tattoo designs for your next tattoo idea. Probably, edit it a little as you might come across other people with the same tattoo otherwise. Plus, you can always mix and match from multiple tattoo designs to create that one final original piece of artwork.

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