What comes to mind when you hear or see the word flower? I suppose we all would be on the same wavelength on this: soft petals, beautiful, of vibrant and pastel colors. When you really think about it, what primarily gives these blooms their beauty is the variety of colors that they come in. So what’ll happen when you take away the color?

Check out this collection of 9+ beautiful silhouettes, and you be the judge how flowers fare without a stitch of color on them. These Free Silhouette Designs are available in JPG, PNG, and Vector EPS formats (which is perfect in case, y’know, you decided that they aren’t too bad for a few projects or whatnot).

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Floral Graphic Silhouette


Black & White Flower Silhouettes

Swirling Flower Silhouette


Hawaiian Flower Silhouette


Lotus Flower Silhouettes


Different Kinds of Flower Silhouettes

As you can see in this collection of flower silhouettes, though given quite a constraint as having each flower image be in silhouette form, there is still quite a range here.

  • Swirling Fronds

I must admit that I’m a sucker for girly, delicate swirls of lines. It doesn’t matter if I see it in calligraphy or a different form of art. I just get taken in. I mean, I imagine you would too if you have “Floral Graphic Silhouette,” “Swirling Flower Silhouette,” and “Vector Flower Silhouette” to look at.

  • Of Petals and Florets

“Black & White Flower Silhouettes” features delightful orbs of bundled-up petals and a few dandelion florets. (Some look like they could be straight out of the science channel or something though.)

  • Sans the Stem

A simple look at “Lotus Flower Silhouettes” will give you all that you need to understand that category label.

  • Muted or Bold

Because art is art and you can bend the rules to produce your own interpretation of certain things, that also means that silhouettes don’t have to keep up with a black-and-white color palette. Check out the following: “Hawaiian Flower Silhouette,” “Set of Flower Silhouette,” and “Simple Flower Silhouettes.”

  • Bonsai

I feel like everyone needs a tiny potted tree. Perhaps “Flower Plant Silhouettes” would be a good place to start.

  • Good Ol’ Rose

I’ll just leave “Rose Flower Silhouette” here as it really doesn’t call for any further explanation.

Set of Flower Silhouette

Simple Flower Silhouettes

Vector Flower Silhouette


Flower Plant Silhouettes

Rose Flower Silhouette

The Deal with Flower Silhouettes

The thing that may not immediately register in people’s minds is the versatility of silhouettes. And to prove the truth of this statement, below is a list of ways you can make use of these flower silhouettes.

  • Flower Silhouette Vectors

We definitely feel you graphic designers and illustrators. You’re grateful for the business, but sometimes there’s just too much work to be done. You don’t have the time to think up new concept designs, let alone make every single element from scratch. But with the flower silhouette vectors here, you just might have the time, energy, and sanity savers you’re in dire need of.

  • Flowery Crafts

Picture “Black & White Flower Silhouettes” is stencil form and “Rose Flower Silhouette” in stamp form. I imagine you’d have quite a fun time using it on a whole slew of scrapbooking and crafts projects.

  • Flowery Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking to get your skin inked with an inconsequential design, get a few or more ideas here! I suggest you opt for “Floral Graphic Silhouette.”


Now that your options and our suggestions have been enumerated and detailed, all that’s left now is for you to check out the links and download these flower silhouettes!

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