The depth of the ocean depicts endless mysteries and sceneries which can be brought to light with underwater painting. To a large extent it is created by the imagination of the artist and these paintings make a foray into the fantasy world and bring calmness to the heart. Here is a list of the major inspirational underwater paintings.

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Underwater Painting Art

In this masterpiece, one has to create depth and artistic value with the paintings. You need to get the color combination along with the quality of the brush right. It displays the skill of the artist to show the depth of colors with the use of different combinations.

Underwater Creatures Digital Painting

This painting still works out to be a mystery for human beings. What researches have pointed out is that only a small portion of the painting remains in the seas and the dark oceans. It is one of the debatable points for the art experts.

Beautiful Under Painting

The imagination of the artist is endless, and they present some of the best underwater scenes. It could be that of food or any mermaid as well. Simple but yet elegant drawing has attracted some viewers.

Inspirational Underwater Painting

It is one of the magnificent work of art, and the picture here shows a beautiful lady in the deep waters of the sea. There are a bird and the presence of a bottle beside it. It displays the correlation of mankind with animals to be on earth as it is home to everyone.

Underwater Painting Artwork

In this picture, a damsel is seen lying in the ocean and a host of surrounding bodies behind it. Each of them has a meaning of its own and when you consider the reflection of water on the damsel it looks great.

Beautiful Underwater Painting

In this picture, a beautiful lady is seen observing her views through the eyes of the ocean. She sees her own reflection, and there is a host of bodies floating around in the water. Each object has a separate entity of its own.

Underwater Mermaid Digital Painting

It is a form of painting that is taken in the ocean and value added features are incorporated in the computer. It uses a virtual canvas and a host of computer programs to provide the desired effects. It gives a different feeling when one looks at the artwork from outside.

Underwater Mermaid Painting

If one wants to combine the mystery element with a simple painting, then the wait ends here. The mermaid is in harmony with a host of objects. It signifies the value of different elements shown in the painting.

Underwater Ocean Painting Art Gallery

It presents the photo of an artist who is in deep slumber and there is a reflection of her inner meaning of life. It is a painting that has won a lot of hearts. A marvelous painting that has made the experts also to think twice before judging it.

Underwater Art Painting

It is a pure work of art, and it shows a diver getting into the ocean. These images are difficult to capture, and one really has to compliment the sense of judgment of the artist. It is simply much more than just clicking at the right moment.


All these underwater paintings are available for free on the various websites, and one can download them for free. It reveals the colors and the dangers associated with the ocean and the deep background grooms in the fashion aspect perfectly.

So go and grab your underwater painting at the earliest!

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