Siren, magical, beautiful, and ethereal are just some of the words used to refer to the mythical half-women, half-fish beings we call mermaids. Though only ever having “appeared” in folklore and a myriad of films, Oil Paintings, and other works of art, one cannot deny the sheer beauty of these imaginary beings.

Wouldn’t you just like to look at these creatures every day?

Well, with these up-for-download mermaid paintings, you can deck the walls of your home with them!

Our collection here clearly offers a wide variety and conveniently come with a JPG file format. All you’ll have to do is hit download, and you’re good!

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Mermaid Watercolor Painting

Simple Mermaid Painting


Abstract Mermaid Painting


Mer-MADE for You

While mermaids have taken several various formsa seductress pulling sailors into the water to meet their doom, a flighty princess longing to walk on dry land—over the years, everyone’s remained enchanted by them. And it is clear in these paintings that they are very enchanting. (But, y’know, if Women Paintings were more your speed, that’s fine too.)

  • Mermaid Watercolor Painting. Be captivated by the delicate lines and that majestic purple tail! The different tones of blue give the water more dimension, and the primary use of pastels make for an overall soft look.
  • Antique Mermaid Painting. Talk about enchanting, this painting emanates oodles of it! The way the artist perfectly illustrates light illuminating the surroundings and said artist’s expert use of white to depict light both deserve a nod . . . or better yet, a download.
  • Simple Mermaid Painting. While the artist’s intent and message (if there ever is one) can be left to interpretation, the painting is still undeniably beautiful. It is apparent that a lot of technique went into this masterpiece. And come on, you gotta admire the detail!
  • Mermaid Acrylic Painting. Expert use of acrylics and application of the elements of design produced this little number. You can see the drama in the “movement” of the wave crashing against the rock, and the emotion in the sea nymph perched atop it.

Mermaid Oil Painting


Easy Mermaid Painting


Mermaid Classical Painting


  • Abstract Mermaid Painting. Who doesn’t love the incredible, vibrant blues, yellows, and greens blended so perfectly together in this painting?
  • Mermaid Oil Painting. Taking Acrylic Paintings a notch higher is this absolutely haunting yet, at the same time, mesmerizing mermaid oil painting. This is perhaps the darkest depiction of these beloved and (almost) revered creatures yet. But for those who love a good contradiction, here’s one on a canvas.
  • Easy Mermaid Painting. The sheer artistry and brilliant texture in this painting say that it’s everything but easy.
  • Mermaid Classical Painting. Something about the pearls and the way the way the giant one is being held up makes me think this mermaid has a certain . . . appreciation for the finer things i life.
  • Mermaid Silhouette Painting. Simple yet eye-catching, this painting is sure to make you think of a particular kind of siren. For your “Under the Sea” vibes, this is the mermaid painting for you!
  • Cheap Mermaid Painting. Though far from perfect, especially technique-wise, this looks anything but cheap.

You have your pick of the . . . ocean with these beautiful mermaid paintings, so choose wisely. Else, you just might find yourself pulled in.

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