Pencil art, or popularly termed as pen and ink, is one of the drawing mediums known in the arts. This amazing discovery unlocked the portal of creative possibilities to artists. If you happen to be drawn into pencil drawings for its amazing shading effects, then stay where you are and enjoy our list of 9 Pencil Drawings that’s about to unfold. And don’t forget to download and save your fave for your own personal visual resource or inspiration.

These masterpieces are downloadable in JPG format, which means you can save these to any platform you choose. So, buckle up, and prepare your eyes for a bucket full of creative treats! Keep on scrolling.

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Easy Portrait Drawing


Realistic Portrait Drawing


Portrait Drawing of Celebrities


Jaw Dropping

Aren’t they fascinating? Sometimes you would even wonder, what kind of sorcery did these artists use for their masterpieces to look like this? I don’t know about you, but I’m hands down in awe of these artists. To top it all up, these pieces are made available for you to save and use as a visual resource. Pretty neat, huh?

Behind The Scenes

Portraiture is a type of art that usually takes years of practice before you can become a master of it. The amount of discipline an artist would put into for this kind of work is a lot. The shading, hand control, and active imagination are the major components of creating an astounding piece of work, which is why they are valuable.

Here’s to help you identify and select from our listing,

  • If you have established a love for realistic art, refer to our Charcoal Portrait Drawing, Pencil Portrait Drawing, Easy Portrait Drawing, Realistic Portrait Drawing, Portrait Drawing of Celebrities, Portrait Color Drawing, Self Portrait Drawing, and Woman Portrait drawing. These are the perfect examples of what you’re looking for.
  • If you prefer subtle and clean lines or digital approach, refer to our Outline Portrait Drawing, and Digital Portrait Drawing.

On another note, if you also happen to like cartoons as a kid or even up until now, then feel free to check what we have to offer with our Cartoon Drawings.

Portrait Color Drawing


Self Portrait Drawing


Outline Portrait Drawing


Digital Portrait Drawing


Woman Portrait Drawing


The Wonders of a Pencil

The majority of the people on this earth has a pencil for sure! Pencils are the simplest and the most basic medium for starting artists. If you haven’t decided to invest some money on other coloring mediums, learn and start with this accessible one.

The Power of Drawing

The act of drawing is known to have a lot of benefits. You don’t have to be a fine arts major in order to divert those tangled thoughts. You can put and rest the internal chaos onto paper.

  • It gives you peace of mind.
  • It relieves stress and refreshes the mind.
  • It promotes focus.
  • It develops perspective.

So, what’s the hold up? Our list comes in JPG format download, which means everything on this list is readable on any type of platform.  I suggest you save some of these handiworks while you still have the chance. Use these as an inspiration or as your visual resource. We assure you that, regret would be the last thing you’ll have in mind.

In addition, if this list gave you chills with how intricately wonderful these pencil drawings are, wait until you see our list of 3D Pencil Drawings. It will blow your mind!

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