All throughout human history, art has been known basically as creating something beautiful for the sake of beauty. The beauty may be in the way the different colors of oil paints blended together; it may be in the message that the artist tries to convey; or it may be in the reception, the emotion it evokes in the spectators.

Whatever the case may be, whatever has been actually produced—Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling or your awfully quiet classmate Austin’s Pencil Drawingsart is one thing: beauty for beauty’s sake.

And graffiti, though extremely quirky and unconventional, is no exception.

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Graffiti Hearts Drawing


Graffiti Drawing of Words


Graffiti Pencil Drawing


Unconventional Beauty

It is true that there’s room for debate as to what beauty actually means. The vast majority may say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Then there are those who are of the same mind of sassy Auntie Merriam (yes, the dictionary), who take beauty to mean simply as “the quality of being physically attractive.”

But even with these two notions—the subjectiveness and the objectiveness of beauty—never really meeting in the middle, we’ve all conformed to essentially similar criteria. With art, beauty would be present if the piece had the following:

  • symmetry
  • complementing colors
  • texture
  • crops and compositions
  • movement or flow
  • appealing proportions
  • presentation and framing

In the case of graffiti, however, there isn’t much (if there has been any) regard for any of those.

Though some civilians may have taken to adorning various surfaces with vulgar language and/or good ol’ Cartoon Drawings and Dragon Drawings, there are serious graffiti artists or writers, who take the time to consider what ought to be on the walls. It could be a quote, a grain of thought that everyone should ponder on; or it could be an editorial-type painting, perhaps in protest of a proposed tax law.

Graffiti Cartoon Drawing


Cool Graffiti Drawing


Graffiti Rose Drawing


To Graffiti and Beyond!

Whatever stance you have as regards art and beauty, we will leave that up to you. But for the meantime, we recommend you take a thing or two from our collection of graffiti drawings. Here are a few pointers for when you do get that itch to deface the wall of your local Subway with a handful of Lion Drawings:

  • Bold and sharp lines. Plain and simple, thick and defined lines are a must, as seen in both “Graffiti Drawing of Words” and “Graffiti Cartoon Drawing.” After all you want whatever you paint on to be seen from quite a distance, yes?
  • Filled-in spaces. Oftentimes, negative space just doesn’t do anything for the overall look. So what do you do when there are several empty spots in your graffiti art? Take your can of spray paint and fill those spots! This helps with creating shadowsand consequently provide depth and dimension—and with eliminating confusion with the overall picture. This is evident in “Cool Graffiti Drawing.”
  • Chunky letters. The same principle in the first bullet applies. Simple, thin fonts aren’t gonna be seen from meters away. Take some inspiration from “Simple Graffiti Drawing,” and practice a few times.

Keep those in mind, guys, and you’ll be branding the town with your own unconventional beauty soon!

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