Bluish water and ripples on the same causes so much of peace in our minds. Water droplets on surfaces attract us so much that we feel elated at such sites. Free texture designs are available for people to download and use for their multiple purposes. Water texture vector amazes the users with their stunning designs. Free Water Textures PNG is the format in which a particular water texture is available for download by users.

Seamless Water Plain Texture

Seamless Water Plain Texture is a set of two images that displays seamless water. The texture is highly picturesque and can be used as background by users for many purposes. You may also see Watercolor Textures.

Transparent Water Texture

Transparent Water Texture is a background texture with a rocky floor lying underneath in a pleasant blue tone. The transparent displayed is absolutely beautiful. This can be used by the users for free of cost. You may also see Watercolor Background Textures.

Rain Water Drops Texture

Rain Water Drops Textures displays the raindrops falling on bluish water from the top angle. The ripples caused by the falling rain drops make it a beautiful backdrop

Water Surface Texture Photoshop

Water Surface Texture Photoshop displays a dark bluish water surface. The surface that absolutely still makes the looks stunning and mesmerizing. Users can download this texture free of cost

Sea Water Foam Texture

Sea Water Foam Texture displays a huge sea surface with foam on the same. The foaming effect on the dark blue sea is astoundingly attractive. This background can be downloaded by users easily

Water Wave Texture

Water Wave Texture displays the blue waters of the seas in a highly close-up manner. The waves displayed in absolutely clean angle makes this texture a highly attractive and mesmerizing one

Blue Water Texture

Blue Water Texture is a set of 4 images. All the four images display emerald like water surface with silver is tints due to the reflecting lights. These are available for free download

Sea Stream Water Texture

Sea Stream Water Texture displays the forceful water stream left behind a speeding boat. The picturesque manner that the water is captured is highly attractive. This can be used as a background

Swirling Rippled Water Texture

Swirling Rippled Water Texture is an amazingly captured water surface in a swirling manner that causes a ripple on the same. The multiple blue shades captured with the shining white light is just amazing

Water Drop Texture Pack

Water Drop Texture Pack is a complete pack of 18 pleasant colors on which water drops are found scattered. The water drops are so amazingly captured with different shaped water droplets over them

High-Resolution Water Texture

High-Resolution Water Texture captures a huge surface of the water with half white polluted water scattered across the surface. The image is displayed in a picturesque manner in high resolution

Water Painting Texture

Water Painting Texture displays surface of the water in two different color combinations. This image of water surface done in water painting is absolutely stunning. It can be used as a backdrop

Under Water Texture

Under Water Texture is a seamless underwater image and can be mapped on three dimension sphere. The shades of blue displayed in these textures make it eligible to be a wonderful backdrop

Beautiful Water Texture

Beautiful Water Texture displays a huge surface of the bluish water that looks astoundingly beautiful. The little waves on the surface make it highly attractive. This texture can be downloaded easily

Water Surface Background Texture

Water Surface Background Texture displays the surface of the sea that looks metallic gray in color. The waves and the ripples make the water surface an amazingly beautiful one.

Fountain Water Texture


Water Splash Bubbles Texture


Photoshop Water Texture


Swimming Pool Water Texture


How to use these “Water Textures”?

Water Textures are stunningly beautiful natural photographs that have captured the surface of the water in different ways. The bluish and grayish tints of the water surface make the textures highly eligible to be used as backdrops that can be hung on walls. Water Textures can be used as background in Powerpoint presentation done during different occasions. They can also be stuck on walls in exhibitions and school project presentation venues. Water Textures can also be used in many more creative ways that a user could think of. Water textures can be used by the users in all ways they deem fit

Choose from the many Water Textures available for the users to choose from. Download the selected Water Textures for free of cost. Use them in the appropriate manner the user feels. These Water Textures can be used in much more ways that any creative mind can think of.

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