Bottles are one of the most widely seen and sold entities on the market in the world. As there are so many kinds of liquids which get bottle packaging, by default, bottles get designed in such numerous shapes and sizes. For instance, a bottle of detergent would differ starkly in appearance from a perfume bottle. As there are so many varieties, designers in the online space, have got their work cut for them to design and develop bottle  of so many kinds. In this article, we have got for you a lineup of bottle vectors which you can use to spruce up your online and offline projects.

Perfume Bottles Vector Background

Perfume Bottles Vector

This set of vectors would perfectly suit the needs of those looking out for perfume bottles vectors. This perfume icon vectors set has been designed against a white background.

Download Detergent Bottles Set

Detergent bottles set

If you’re running a cleaning services business and would like to convey your service specialties, you can definitely turn to this set of detergent bottles vector. This high quality set of icons have been set against a white backdrop.

Various Craft Beer Bottles

10 various craft beer bottles

If beer bottles are your passion and profession then this beer bottles vector would impress you instantly. This is a set of 10 crafty beer bottles icons available in different shapes and sizes.

High Quality Bottles Vector

YOU ROCK Bottles Vector

For lovers of the You Rock Beer. This particular set of beer bottles vectors would be delightful. High on quality and design, you can use this set for all of your You Rock works!

X-Wing In A Bottle Vector

x-wing in a bottle Vector

This vector is the perfect example of getting creativity to bottle up inside a bottle. You must check out this innovatively done x-wing in a bottle vector. Truly unique, this is!

Awesome Ketchups Bottle Vector

Awesome Ketchups Bottle Vector

If you’re searching for some very fun and cool ketchup bottle vectors, then this set of ketchup bottle vectors is what you must see. Colorful and vibrant, these are a fit for projects demanding a ketchup bottle!

Beer Bottles Set With Label Vector

Beer bottles set with label Vector

If you’re looking to grab vintage beer bottle icons and vectors, this set has got some very creative and attractive beer bottle designs which are high on design and quality.

Champagne Bottle Vector Download

Champagne Bottle Vector Download

Champagne bottles are truly designer stuff. If you have been looking around for an icon design, this champagne bottle vector captures the essence of the legendary beverage in its truest form like no other.

3D Vector Wine Bottle

3D Vector Wine Bottle

This set of beer bottle vectors is 3D and has got customizable labels. The vectors are easy to rotate and are compatible with Illustrator CS5. This a good vector to use if you specialize in wine-related services.

70 Vector Wine Bottle And Glasses 

70 Vector Wine Bottle And Glasses

This is a set of 70 well-designed icons of wines and glasses. In this set you will get line, color and silhouette illustration of various glasses, bottles of wine and cheese.

Extraordinary Bottles Vector Set

Extraordinary Bottles Vector Set

Alcoholic Brand Beer Vector

Alcoholic Brand Label Vector

Wine Bottle With Labels Vector

Wine bottle with labels vector

Hot Sauce Bottle Vectors

Hot Sauce Bottle Vectors

Beer Bottle Design Elements Vector

Beer bottle design elements vector

The industry of bottles is a huge one undoubtedly. As new businesses come in and existing ones expand, the varieties of bottles will also grow as a result. The above examples of different bottles vectors are very useful and will give you a fair idea of what’s trending right now.

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