Ever just look at some random website and think, Wow, this looks drab as all, get out. Did someone hit the snooze button or something? 

Feel the same way about your own website or blog?

Well, perhaps these Website Background Patterns may just be the thing you need to spice up that litte ol’ interface! They come in different file formats for you to choose from and for your convenience: JPG, PSD, and AI Illustrator.

You don’t have to go through that internal turmoil from seeing your sad-looking, bare-bones site anymore. Download these beautiful background patterns now, and gain more traffic!

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Vector Background Pattern


Seamless Background Pattern


Abstract Background Pattern


Christmas Background Pattern


Geometric Background Pattern


See a Pattern Here?

Whether you’re into the subtlety and understated awesomeness of the typical patterns like stripes and polka dots or the undeniable coolness and eccentricity of Memphis Patterns, you’ll definitely find something here in our collection of downloadable background patterns! (A little bonus DIY tip: you can print these out and use ’em as wrapping paper.)

  • Vector Background Pattern. This one absolutely spells pristine and pretty. You can’t go wrong with your staple white and gray, I always say.
  • Seamless Background Pattern. The blue and white color selection in this one pulls off an effortlessly cool vibe. That and it’s pulled-taffy appearance.
  • Abstract Background Pattern. The pixelated-seeming spectrum that is this background pattern is sure to work like candy (sans the sugar rush, of course)anyone’s gonna feel elated at the sight of it.
  • Christmas Background Pattern. This one will be perfect for more seasonal posts and stuff, and maybe even as some fancy shmancy greeting card.
  • Geometric Background Pattern. The combo of pastels used here and the geometric design both work seamlessly to produce an unusual yet extremely beautiful background pattern. Who woulda thunk it, huh?

HD Background Pattern

Pastel Background Pattern


Retro Background Pattern


Subtle Background Pattern

Wood Background Pattern


Black Circled Background Pattern


  • HD Background Pattern. Right off the bat, you can tell there’s a clever use of monotone in this pattern. For a color as seemingly “laid-back” as green, this background pattern has managed to pull that off and a more vibrant look as well.
  • Pastel Background Pattern. With the same incorporation of geometric shapes and cutouts as in the “Geometric Background Pattern,” this one lends a more icy feel as it sticks to a minimalist color scheme of primarily a stark white and a pale gray.
  • Retro Background Pattern. The minimalist color scheme here and the zigs and zags, though slightly dizzying, make for an overall mesmerizing background pattern.
  • Subtle Background Pattern. Is it a bubble? Is it a polka dot? Is it an amoeba? Send your viewers on a mind trip with this background pattern. Or, y’know, if you can’t, it’s still pretty to look at anyway.
  • Wood Background Pattern. We now move away from all the Blue Pattern Backgrounds.For all things woodshop and crafts, this pattern wood be perfect! (See what I did there?)
  • Black Circled Background Pattern. Black, as the majority also considers, is sleek and classy. Elevate your page instantly with this background pattern!

Subtle and minimalist or attention-grabbing and vibrant, you have your pick of the litter here. So go ahead and download oneor all—of these background patterns!

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