Got a logo design project you need to complete for tomorrow’s graphic design class? Or do you need help with your art style in illustrating certain commencement exercise scenes? Or perhaps you just really need some Graduation Cliparts for whatever purpose you see fit for them?

Well, prep your tassels, ladies and gents! Have we got just the thing for you! With these best graduation cap clip arts from our incredible collection, you can finish that project (or maybe that caricature of your friend) in no time.

These graduation cap vectors are ready for you to download, so be sure not to miss out!

Graduation Cap Outline Clipart


Graduation Cap Silhouette Clipart


Graduation Cap Border Clipart


Put a Cap on It

To get it out of the way, they are downloadable as raster files as they primarily come in a PNG file format. This is awesome news for those of you who plan on printing copies of these bad boys!

As you can see in this array of graduation clip arts, we have lots of different types to choose from. (We do also have Pencil Cliparts if you’re interested.)

  • SilhouettesWhen you want a more minimalist look, you might like “Graduation Cap Silhouette Clipart” and “Printable Graduation Cap Clipart.” These are going to be great for overlaying and combining several other clip arts together. (And yes, you don’t have to go shy with the color, if that’s what you’re thinking after seeing that purple one.)
  • Black and whiteThese two would be the typical color choices as caps and gowns do come in them. But with the likes of “Black and White Graduation Cap Clipart” and “Graduation Cap Outline Clipart,” you can easily incorporate them into your existing design without having to rethink and/or redo the color selection.
  • Rainbow of huesThis, on the other hand, is a complete 360 from the previous one. For the more adventurous ones with more colorful projects, you may opt for “Colorful Graduation Cap Clipart.”

Graduation Cap Clipart PNG


Printable Graduation Cap Clipart


Gold Graduation Cap Clipart


Free Graduation Cap Clipart


Colorful Graduation Cap Clipart

A Cap for All Seasons

Of course, we don’t wanna limit the uses for these graduation cap clip arts to just one thing. Plus, we know you can get more creative with them. On that note, here are a few ways you can use these downloadable graduation cap clip arts:

  • Graphic design projectsIf you’re tasked to create a company or brand logo for study center, a tutoring service, or even a graduation-themed cafe or restaurant or something (why not make it a thing, right?), you could use any one of the clip arts in our collection to start with.
  • Scrapbooking material, decorSince these little guys are ready to be printed out (after you download them, of course), apart from that, you only have to cut them out and paste where you see fit. Perhaps atop little Billy’s head with a caption that says, “I graduated with a special participation award!”Here are some Education Cliparts as well for you teachers out there!
  • MiSILLYneous thingsCongratulate (read embarrass) your friend on social media with a picture of him/her with any one of these graduation cap clip arts. Preferably with a dig at exactly how he/she passed that difficult subject.

Now that you know which ones you’re going for, hit download and start playing around with them!



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