Are you in need of a good brushing up of your sketching abilities? Or perhaps you have been accustomed to freestyle oil painting and you’re interested in beginning your foray into the world of Realistic Drawings.

Well, with this collection of 9+ awesome drawings, you may have what you need to guide you in that endeavor. These awesome sketches are not just a handful of doodles as some of you may have initially thought. This collection of awesome drawings offer an assortment of designs and feature a couple of notable art styles, and they are available in a JPG format. Keep browsing and get your fill!

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Awesome Anime Drawing


Awesome 3D Drawing


Awesome Dragon Drawing


The Breakdown of Awesome Drawings

More than a few Cute Drawings, these awesome drawings are exactly what they claim to be as they display a variety of subject matter, each showing movement and emotion captured so uniquely by their respective artists. These sketches also show different perspectives, how the artists view certain things. By studying them, perhaps you can have a better idea and gauge when you do get to actually draw.

  • Anime

This popular style originating from Japan has been made popular because of their aesthetic: big and overdrawn eyes, small faces, wild hair that defies the laws of physics, and overall cute and pleasant appearance. You obviously see that in the number of sketches here, like, “Awesome Anime Drawing,” “Awesome Art Drawing,” and “Awesome Pokemon Drawing.”

  • Realism and surrealism

It takes some discipline to attempt the realism style and quite understandable as you need to mimic how a particular object looks in real life. For this style, you get a couple in this collection, such as, “Awesome Tattoo Drawing” and “Awesome Pencil Drawing.” Surrealism, on the other hand, features perplexing imagery that’s usually the stuff of man’s dreams and his subconscious. Though “Awesome 3D Drawing” is more representational, the overall feel channels the surrealist style. (But yes, this style is quite difficult to define.)

  • Caricature style

You may already be familiar with the caricature art featured in the editorial/opinion section of your local newspaper; and you may have noticed that it has morphed quite into a style of its own, as evidenced by “Awesome Cartoon Drawing.”

Awesome Pencil Drawing


Awesome Skull Drawing


Awesome Drawing for Kids


How-To’s with These Awesome Drawings

I bet some of you may still feel that this collection of awesome drawings is nothing more than a bunch of Cartoon Drawings, but you can’t very well deny that there are some quite impressive ones here. So don’t just dismiss them ’cause you might miss out. There’s quite a few ways to use these awesome sketches:

  • Art inspiration

When you’re starting out in a certain field you’re unfamiliar with, it’s quite easy to get discouraged and sidetracked. That’s why you need inspiration. Take some notes from any single one of these awesome drawings, and then apply what you’ve learned into your own collection of awesome sketches!

  • Drawing practice

Use these as a fun activity for the family. Print out these sketches, and lay a tracing paper on top of one. You’re basically making a copy of the original; but the act itself helps give that fluidity in your hand, which will definitely come in handy when you get to sketching. You can also doctor the original sketches (i.e., change the hair, facial expression, etc.).

  • Ready-made coloring page

Print out “Awesome Pokemon Drawing,” for example, and bring out your Crayolas. Done.


So there you have it. Now you can download!

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