With the upcoming digital world, it is not un-wise to make use of bold and exclusive electrical fonts. The touch of this font to any kind of article entices users and popularizes itself. This font has better utilization in non-office works. Although not funky, yet it is considered to have a certain edge to it.

Free Zing Diddly Doo zapped Font

zing-diddly-doo-zapped-font for free

Give a touch of this wonderful electric font to your text or typography and make the whole text get noticed amazingly. This zing diddly doo zapped font is available for free. Get downloaded instantly and start customizing as per your project needs.

High Voltage Font

high voltage font

Try this unique and modern high voltage font style in combination with suitable typography and it will complement your overall design with its elegant appearance. You can easily make changes to this font for making it suitable as per your design requirements. Get this download for free online.

Circuit Electrique Font


Get this wonderful circuit electrique font downloaded online. This green colored font can take your design to the next level. Ideal for any design project, website typography, graphics design and more. You can get this font downloaded and customized as per your project requirements.

Chainsawz Font

chainsawz font

Get this Chainsawz font downloaded online for free and add an effect of perfect electric font to the overall design. You can make your design style stand out by customizing this font as per your particular design. Get downloaded now.

KR Electrified Font


A graphic designer cannot ask for more rather can download it for free. It is more like quantifying the words using the digital font. The very topography of the projects gets magnified with the sophisticated use of digital font. The digital fonts come in many colors, like neon or LED colors.

Electrox Font


This electrox font has been created basically for resembling cartoon static shock. This font is ideal for special design projects requiring exceptional font style to be used. Whether you need to create typography for your upcoming web design or need text style for any of your graphic design, banner or magazine design project, this font can meet all your expectations.

Download Free Best Electrical Font


This elegant and unique electrical font is available for free and has been designed giving shiny white color with pink undertones on black background. You can match this font with any typography and make a perfect design combination. Download online today.

Angstrom Font


Try this angstrom font, a perfect blurry techno looking headlines font that looks better at larger sizes. This font is also available for free for commercial purposes. Get this downloaded online now and create a perfect match of typography and design elegantly.

Free Schematic Working Font

free schematic-working-typeface-font

Schematic working font is a symbol based wonderful font that is ideal to be used for writing headings and titles in an appealing way. It is perfect to be used for modern designs. You can make edits in this font to make it suitable to your design.

Free Electrical Font

electrical font

Get this free electrical font downloaded online and utilize in your various design projects. Ideal for headings, titles and similar text which need to be highlighted in the design or any article. Customize the size and effects as per your needs.

Free Motherboard Font

mother board font

Here is the most wonderful free motherboard font design elegantly giving green leafy color. This motherboard font is perfect to be utilized for headings and titles and it will automatically bring the attention of viewer to the main message of the design or article.

Synthesia Font


Make your design stand out with Synthesia font, a wonderful, unique and modern typography perfect to suit your any design project. This font can make you convey your important promotional message elegantly. You can add more effects to this font as well as customize size as per your design requirements.

Free Electric Light Font


Get this free electric light font downloaded online and incorporate an amazing typography to your overall design project. This is one of the simplest yet attractive font style that can be clearly read. You can customize this as per your requirements.

Free Eclectic Font


Here is another wonderful free electric font that suit any of the modern, rock and stylish design. Get this font downloaded online and customize with your personalized size and effects that can suit your overall design. Get this font downloaded now. You can also see Happy Fonts

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