Logos are composed of artistic imagery and or a text font. If you want to effectively promote your business you can do so by using the suitable type of font that speaks of your company. If you are on the lookout for the perfect font to use for your logo, then sit back and prepare yourself as we unfold our list of 10 best Logo Fonts that are editable on any known design program.

After you’ve explored this list of typefaces, don’t forget to download your pick. It won’t be a hassle to do since it is made available in  Free TTF, and OTF formats. You may also want to check some free logos we also have for a free trial with our Free Logos listing.

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Calligraphy Logo Font


American Logo Font


Logo Bold Font

Logo Script Font


A Collection of Fonts

Fonts give your designs personality, which is why it is recommended that you have a variety of fonts at your disposal for the different types of projects that you might be required to do.

  • Calligraphy – The strokes of a calligraphy add an air of mystery. It is the perfect font to use if you want to pull off a serious and elegant design for your business. Refer to and get your hands on the “Calligraphy Logo Font”.
  • Bold and Clear – A bold font never disappoints in drawing someone’s attention. You can achieve that with the “American Logo Font”. Bold typefaces stand out. Add distinction to your design by using this font.
  • Dense and Creative – Another creative and bold typeface is the “Logo Bold Font”. Your logo will surely compete in the market with this accurate and precise quality.
  • Movement of A Script – A script typeface is also perfect for when you’re aiming for elegance. Use the “Logo Script Font” or the “Logo Personal Font” to address that requirement which you’ll surely target the type of market you want.

If you want to see more of these typefaces for other purposes, you can check our related list of Free Modern Fonts. You’ll find good font assortments in there too.

Logo Bubble Font

Logo Personal Font


Logo Vintage Font

Logo Painter Font


Visual Appeal

So in what exact way can you use these logo fonts?

  • Digital Marketing – Fonts are important elements to apply in marketing. With the advancements of our technology today and the fast-paced environment we live in, businesses need to stay relevant and keep up with the changes—not just with the trends but the changes in behavior and the responses of the people around us, specifically, of course, your market.
  • Visual Presentations – It pays to put out a creative presentation. A good visual will back you up in targeting your audience’s attention. A good visual will indirectly draw some much-needed publicity, so they have no choice but to spare a minute of their time to take a look and try to understand what the message might be.
  • Header for a Write-up – If you’re working on a project or a blog, you can attract more readers or visitors when you have a creative looking font. So, choose the appropriate type of font and you’ll surely be able to raise your number of views and followers.

Have you decided which of these fonts would look appealing with your image logo? If you have, then click the download button and enjoy the benefits you’ll enjoy for putting out quality work. If you don’t have a logo just yet, you can check our Logo Design listing to address you on that.

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