Like a lot of things in this world, type is ever changing, constantly evolving. Though in theory there may be an endless list of possibilities as regards how one can manipulate letters, numbers, and other characters, to look a certain way, there will always be constraints as we all try to keep up with the times. And as a result, certain typefaces really are specific to a certain period.

On that note prepare to be taken back a few decades with this collection of 9+ beautiful retro fonts. These Free Fonts come in TTF and OTF formats and range from “free for personal use,” to “free for commercial use,” to “licensed for personal and commercial use.”

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Free Retro Font


Retro Script Font

Retro Cursive Font


Bold Retro Font

Retro Typewriter Font


Retro Fonts 6 Ways

It is clear in this collection of Retro Fonts that the artistry that people put into lettering and calligraphy back in the day was so great that it showed through in the many styles and variations that have resulted from it. You can see a few of these in the list below. (If you like, you can check out these Free Vintage Fonts for a few more similar ones.)

  • Bold – Back in the sixties until well into the nineties, you can bet that when I say bold fonts, I really mean bold fonts. You need only have a quick look at “Free Retro Font,” “Bold Retro Font,” and “Retro Serif Script Font,” to know that this is true. Plus, you get an extra oomph in the three retro fonts, courtesy of the shading.
  • Cursive – “Retro Script Font” and “Retro Cursive Font” are like your good old staple cursive fonts.
  • Machine Type – “Retro Typewriter Font” is one of those elements that you are very likely going to spot in a film noir production.
  • Outlined – On top of the above-average weight of the typeface, the outline in “Retro Style Font” provides more of an emphasis and more character as well.
  • Art Deco – “Retro Future Font” and “Retro Decorative Font” take their style from the art deco movement.
  • Shapely – “Retro Block Font” is one of those genius products of human creativity. Who would’ve thought to use basic shapes to illustrate letters?

Retro Style Font


Retro Future Font


Retro Block Font

Retro Decorative Font


Retro Serif Script Font

How-To’s with These Retro Fonts

Given the incredible selection of retro fonts you have here, you are absolutely gonna have fun experimenting with them (maybe even more so with these Rustic Fonts). That said, you can also a variety of uses to go with the variety of retro typefaces. Just to put it out there, here are some ideas:

  • Graphic Design – As a graphic designer, sometimes you’re never gonna know what tricks some clients want you to pull; so of course, it is in your best interest to be as well prepared as possible. With that comes being well stocked with a whole slew of vectors and fonts. So that you won’t miss out on a great-paying retro-related project, better download these retro fonts.
  • Posters and Things – Have a roaring twenties–themed homecoming dance? Organizing a sixties-themed fair? With these retro fonts, you can make those posters, flyers, banners, and whatnot, pop!
  • Personal Artsy Works – If you just wanna create something on your spare time, whether or not you plan on sharing it with the rest of the world, you can work off of these retro fonts.

Now that your options and our suggestions are covered, you can check these retro fonts out and download in peace!

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