Has it happened to you that you look at a design and before you read the content you are able to feel the essence and theme of it? Well, it happens in most of the cases because of the idea behind the design, and the use of proper artwork along with the font that suits best to it.

Fonts are capable of generating the right emotion not from the text, but also from the typography and the look of it. One such set of fonts is known as happy Novelty Fonts. As the name suggests, these hand drawn typefaces appeal to the happy cells of the brain connected through the human eye. And in case you too are designing a birthday greeting card, or an invitation to your party, check out the collection of few of the coolest happy fonts available on the internet.

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Think Happy Custom Font

This is a handwritten custom font which will give you a retro vintage appeal to your designs. Almost grainy, this font is available to download for a modest price of 11 dollars and is available in TTF, OTF and WOFF formats.

Hot August Night Font

Free for non commercial purposes, this font gets its name from the month it was designed. The typeface includes both the cases along with numerals and special characters. The style of the font is almost informal because of its singly placed characters.

Beautiful Happy Bold Font

Available in TTF format to download, this bold font is made up blocks that represent each of the character. Currently the font includes both the upper and lower cases, but by the looks of it, there aren’t any differences between them.

Happy Trails Decorative Font

Designed by Harry Warren, this font is very pleasing to the eyes. Though not free, this decorative font can be downloaded for a value it is worth. This characters of this typeface comprise of curvy lines that almost run parallel to each other.

Stylish Happy Sans Font

Looking for that touch of playfulness in your new design? This happy sans typeface designed by Stephen M Knouse will give you a fun and unstructured look to your marketing products. Full of energy, it also maintains the weight and style throughout all the characters.

The Happy Face Returns Font

This free to download and use font includes characters similar for both upper and lower cases. The bold appearance of the hand drawn typeface is quite fancy because of its wavy appearance. Check out the link in case you want to have a better look at it.

Elegant Cool Happy Font

This happy font includes character map for both the cases and comprises of thick lines with slim corners, giving a zig zag look. The inclusion of numerals makes it a better set for the requirements you might have in your project for a happy font.

Happy New Year Font Bundle

This celebratory font suits perfectly the title of happy font. Filled with not just alphabets, but also decorative characters, this typeface will let you create magical designs for your client or loved ones.

The Heart of Everything Demo Font

Free for personal use, this modern day calligraphy styled font will have to be paid for if used for commercial purposes. The characters have a join in them, with alternate linguistics available to make the previous word look different from the next one.

Happy Day Italic Pro Font

Consisting a total of 493 glyphs, the font includes the characters along with the Unicode variants of the same followed by the opentype variants, i.e small caps, alternates and ligatures. This giant collection of various representations will definitely make any designer happy.

Hand drawn Happy Regular Font

Extraordinary One Happy Font

Happy Roxy Bold Font

Scriptia Happy Lettered Font

 Happy Brain Creepy Font

The use of conventional fonts is not so mainstream anymore. More and more designers are incorporating these hand drawn novelty or casual fonts in their designs to give it a real life like essence. There are numerous happy fonts available to everyone on the web, making it easier for designers to brand their idea and product logically and asthetically correct. Happy fonts usually find their place on greeting cards and invitations. But more recently, they are also being used in posters and various artworks. The compiled list here will definitely give a head start on what and how the happy fonts look and work across different ideas.

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