Just like people, believe it or not, type has personality and character. Though there are several variations that look extremely similar to one another, there are some tweaks here and there that make each one still unique, set apart from the rest. The same is absolutely true for one with a niche, so to speak, such as this collection of 9+ famous frozen fonts.

These Free Fonts offer you different styles and different formats—namely, OTF and TTF. And they go from “free for personal use,” “free for commercial use,” or “licensed for personal and commercial use.” Go ahead and check out these cool (wink, wink; nudge, nudge) fonts.

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Frozen Freeze Font

Frozen Frosty Font


Frozen Ice Font


Frozen Snowflakes Font


Frozen Fonts 5 Ways

Given the decent variety in styles in this collection of frozen fonts, you can definitely say that they’re just as cool—literally and figuratively speaking—as these Winter Fonts and these Stylish Fonts. And when I say decent variety, I mean five different font groups out of the total of ten. Pretty good, yeah?

  • All about the Snowflake – It wouldn’t really be a frozen font without a sprinkling of a few snowflakes, now would it? Get your fill of magical ice formations in “Frozen Freeze Font,” “Frozen Frosty Font,” and “Frozen Snowflakes Font.”
  • The Disney Kind – Yes, that kind of Frozen. “Free Frozen Font” is one of those font styles that have gained familiarity and popularity by association. I mean, one look at this font, and you will instantly picture Elsa singing “Let It Go.”
  • A Little to the Right – “Frozen Ice Font” and “Frozen Solid Font” are the two odd snowballs in the bunch. But they do have one thing going for them: compared to the others, they’re a little on the lean side. Get it?
  • Frosty Tips – Apart from the snowflakes, icicles are the hip thing in the frozen font genre, as exhibited by the following fonts: “Frozen Snow Font,” “Frozen Ice Sticks Font,” and “Frozen Ice Snow Font.”
  • Crystallized – “Frozen Crystal Font” definitely looks as the category says (although it also looks like a mere outline of the “calculator font”).

Frozen Snow Font


Frozen Crystal Font


Frozen Ice Sticks Font


Frozen Ice Snow Font


Frozen Solid Font


How-To’s with These Frozen Fonts

Now that you’ve seen all that this collection of frozen fonts has to offer, you’re probably wondering exactly what you can use each one for. To answer that question, you need only check out the list below. (Or go look at these Vintage Fonts instead for more options!)

  • Graphic Design – Whether you’re working on a mockup of an ice-themed restaurant menu, company logo, corporate calendars, or whatever other ice-themed projects may be on your plate, there’s no question that you would want to produce a great-quality output. Likewise, your fonts have to be top-notch. With these frozen fonts, quality is not one to stress yourself over.
  • Lettering Practice – Becoming really skilled with lettering may be something you’re trying to develop, hone. If you’re into the whole ice theme, you may want to check out this collection of frozen fonts.
  • DIY Font Stencil – This part’s easy. You pick any one of the frozen fonts you see above, download it, print it onto wax paper (be careful not to smear the ink afterward), and then cut out the letters.

So with your options covered and our suggestions detailed, you can now go back to these frozen fonts, choose, and download!

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