Use of fonts has become synonymous with design nowadays. Typography has become an all-important aspect as well as an asset in the world of design – graphic and web, to be specific. Fonts exist in numerous types. There are font families and within them, there are sub-fonts. In this edition, we have pinned our focus of professional fonts. Typefaces are what play a pivotal role in lending a stylishness and professional vibe to fonts. There are many artistic projects which require professional Elegant Fonts. The tough part of course is to zero in on the right font. We’d like to make it easy for you. We have compiled some stunning professional fonts which are hot in online space now and running favorites in graphic and web design.

Download Professional Font Letters

This is a light, experimental professional font. It’s a fun font because some of the alphabets are missing lines in the obvious places. In this font you will find alphabets, numbers, foreign characters and punctuation marks.

Elegant Professional Business Font

This font is a high quality professional font which you can use for drafting professional paperwork, as well as keep it handy option for doing some artistic projects too. The clean characters are the font’s biggest USP.

Creative Resume Characters Font

The slab serif of this font is so powerful that it is a perfect fit for corporate and business web portals.  This slab has got geometric edges to it however that does not take away from its effectiveness. The wedge-molded serifs only improve the functionality of the font.

Formal Type Face Font Idea

This is a free font which due to its structure is more than just apt for getting used in writing concentrated titles and short texts. Essentially the signs and characters exist in uppercase, and the font is supported with 490 glyphs.    

Elegant Business Card Font

This is a free font which has got a clean and simple typeface. It is an apt fit for being used in corporate and business projects – websites especially. The slab face of this font has geometric aspects which make it look better.

Corporate Bold Text Font

Centered on the classic Gentium design, this is a comprehensive font family featuring regular, bold, italic and bold italic set of fonts.  This particular font has additional weights which are its USP versus the Gentium Basic family which is very much alike, however lightweight.  

Professional Script Font Character

This is a very casual yet professional font. It has a handwriting feel and can be useful in presentations, posters, banners etc.  You all get special characters and punctuation marks in the font’s pack.

Formal Cryptography Font Idea

This yet another wonder professional font which you could store in your font collection and use in projects and designs which call for professional fonts. The letterforms and characters have got a cursive edge  in the strokes which makes the font a delight to look at and read.

Italic Typography Professional Font

This professional font has a well balanced design and weight. The proportions are classic and similar to the real italic which has got calligraphic elements. The font has  an elaborate set of characters in different settings – uppercase, lowercase, superior and inferior figures etc.

Serif Headline Font Idea


If you’re searching for a professional font which is just ideal for headline-writing then this Serif font meets expectations just right. It is a regular font with wonderful formal appearance.

Simple Professional Hand Lettering Font

Guild Of Professional Actors Font

Professional Medium Italic Font

Flat Rounded Professional Font

The aforesaid collection of fonts gives you apt options to incorporate professional typography in your projects. The fonts are high quality and designed and developed to lend distinctiveness to your texts and design, overall. All of these fonts are prepped up to give you varieties of outcomes in your works.

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