Nouvelle Vague, a serif type of font, with a gentle and soft exterior that looks like it appears in magazines and editorial mediums. It has the perfect balance and contrast of thin and weighted thickness. Nouvelle Vague is a new creation that takes its form from the Didone typeface. The aforementioned is narrow and translates a stable appearance and a contrasting appearance.


Character Set of Nouvelle Vague

Character set courtesy of Luc Devroye.

Applications of Nouvelle Vague

As good as it is possible to be, Nouvelle Vague is perfect to use for several applications as well as on mediums. May we recommend one or two?

Branding. With Nouvelle Vague’s exterior, it will be seamless on fashion and editorial branding.

Fashion Labels. Similar to the previously mentioned, the Nouvelle Vague best translates the class and style that a brand may represent. With its sophistication in terms of quality, the Nouvelle Vague font will position well with clothing that displays a classic, trending and statement appearance.

Reference on Typography. You may use the Nouvelle Vague font as a reference in design projects, layout and in this case typography. You may tweak it to add some curves, curveballs and so on.

Oh, there is more, scroll down below to and be a spectator on the various applications that you may apply the Nouvelle Vague font itself.

Photographic Application

Nouvelle Vague Font Application courtesy of Pinterest. 

Typographic Application

Nouvelle Vague Font Application / Typography Example courtesy of Canva Design School.

Fashion and Editorial Application

Fashion and Editorial Application Font Example courtesy of Vogue Italia

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