Many of the designs that you see these days are without the artwork or clipart. All you see is the textured background or not even that, along with some text written in a fancy typeface. Well, the main division of such typefaces is casual and novelty. There are multiple fonts that will go under your search list of best free fonts. And to narrow down the list of best fonts here is a collection of some of the best Chalkboard Fonts.

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Free Squeaky Sound Chalkboard Font

The first on the list is usually the free one which is also a great choice for the theme it is from. Here is a chalkboard font called the squeaky font that you can use for free for your personal projects. You may also see Free Fonts.

Chalkboard Hand Lettering Font

The point of using a chalkboard font will be to give a handwritten feel to your designs. And here is a font that will exactly help you achieve that. And that too for free for your personal projects as least. You may also see Free Christmas Fonts.

Fancy Chalkline Chalkboard Font

Here is a typeface that comprises of character outlines made out of chalk. You can use this all caps font for free for both personal and commercial projects. Download the TTF and OTF files from the given link. You may also see Title Fonts.

Bold Chalkboard Font

If you are looking for a chalkboard font that will make a great choice for the headings and front line designs then here is a bold chalkboard font that you can download in TTF file format.

Hand-Drawn Angelina Chalkboard Font

Create beautiful designs like the ones shown in the given link. Add a bit of artwork on the corners and use this beautiful hand-drawn chalkboard font that also includes ornamental extensions to the characters.

Cursive Tafelschrift Chalkboard Font

Here is a font that includes the cursive style of characters. The chalkboard typeface contains a mapping for both upper and lower case characters and is free for your personal projects.

Grunge Charcoal Chalkboard Font

Another variation of chalkboard would be the use of charcoal. And with that, you can attain grungy looking characters and text for your design. Here is a similar typeface created by Jonathan Harris for your use.

KR Rachels Chalkboard Font

Here is a typeface that contains glyphs for both upper and lower case characters. The special addition to this typeface is the border frame around each character that you can see as a preview for your text in the given link.

Chalkboard Chawp Script Font

Are you looking for something more rustic to give a vintage and retro look to your design? If so, here is a chalkboard script font made by Tyler Finck that you can for free for even commercial designs.

Colored Crayon Chalkboard Font

Here is a font that gives the appeal of chalkboard style but not with a single stroke but more of an artwork font created with chalk. Check out the link mentioned below if these words are not making much sense to you.

Apple Storm Chalkboard Font

Here is a more clean and tidy representation of a chalkboard font. The typeface includes a mapping for both the cases along with some added characters and numerals that you are going to find useful.

Chalkboard AEZ Alphabet Font

Here is another free font that you can use for your personal projects. All caps typeface consists of a dark background with the light silhouette of the characters. Download the TTF file from here.

Square Chalkboard Font

These are a cleaner and more proper font for a chalkboard style. The characters have a particular square shape to them and support both upper and lower case alphabets of English language.

Vintage Chalkboard Regular Font

Here is a font that will remind you of your classroom days with proper alternation between dark and light shades of the letters that appear on the board. You can download the regular weight typeface from here.

Eraser Chalkboard Font

The final one on the list is called eraser chalkboard font and has been designed by David Rakowski. The typeface supports just the upper case characters and also includes numerals for you to use.

How to use these “Chalkboard Fonts”?

Using these chalkboard fonts is nothing compared to developing an application. So just read the following lines for some guidance. Once you have downloaded the font, in let’s say, TTF or OTF format, you can install that font in your computer or required editing tool where you want that font to be made available. There are many fonts here which you can use for your web projects as well. You could either upload them to your server or use the URL to your script file which will also reduce your website access time and improve the user experience. These fonts are also capable of inspiring you to create your own style of font.

If you are using multiple typefaces in a single design, then you definitely should use a casual font as well, and not just overload it with novelty styled fonts. These chalkboard fonts, when used together, shouldn’t be more than 2 different typefaces. For more free fonts, check out other lists in our website. You may also see Accent Fonts.

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