It’s very interesting to observe and then come to realize how cleverly and quickly icons have become a significant element of our lives. The just-one-click principle would have never worked successfully if icons had not been developed. Take the case of cleaning industry, icons have revolutionized the sector, and now there’s an icon available for all kinds of cleaning and housekeeping activities. You want to tell the world you have great mopping services, just insert a stylish mop icon. Accomplished! It’s so simple. In this article we list out for you the best of the latest cleaning icons and vectors.

65 Hand Drawn Vector Cleaning Icons

This is a set of 65 super-cute hand drawn cleaning icons apt for anyone who is looking to spruce up their online portal or app, or even advertising and marketing materials for cleaning services.

kitchen Cleaning Products Icons

If yours or your client’s is a housekeeping facility, this range of cleaning icons fits the purpose very well. Right from cleaning basket to laundry basket, duster, brush and soap – there is an icon available for everything related to housekeeping!

Cleaning Icons for Mobile Apps

We live in a world run by mobile applications. If you’ve designed a mobile app for your cleaning services, then this set of colorful cleaning symbols and web icons is just what you need at your disposal. The set of icons is also available in a black version.

Download Cleaning Icons

Check out this elaborate collection of cleaning icons. Broad-based we say because the cleaning icons you will find here cater to different activities – you will find an eraser icon, a recycling icon, icons for hand washing, mop icons, shower icons etc.

Vector Cleaning Icons for You

If you’re looking to get hold of designer flat style cleaning vectors, then you’ve come to the right place. You get 3 sets consisting of colorful, outline and shape icons. Undoubtedly this set is high quality.

Housekeeping Cleaning Icons Set

For those who run housekeeping services and are looking for a stylish set of icons to incorporate on their website or mobile app, then we’d recommend you take a look at this selection of fully editable housekeeping cleaning icons.

Cleaning Detergent Bottles Set

Cleaning Detergent bottles set

Here’s a stylish range of high quality cleaning icons black and white color theme. The set mainly has various icons of the detergent bottles, vectors which you can use to put up on your website, mobile application, even offline marketing and advertising materials.

Elegant Lined Cleaning Icons

This elegantly put together range of cleaning icons is an option which you must definitely check out and use in your projects related to cleaning services. The color scheme of the icons is black and white.

Cleaning Services Icons Vector Set

You must definitely not miss out on taking a look at this free vector consisting of adorably designed and colorful cleaning icons apt for laundry and housekeeping services. Worth a look!

Vaccum Cleanliness Icons

If your range of cleaning services runs deep, then over here you’re very likely to get a cleaning icon for every activity or task possible.  Be it mopping, laundry, wiping, hand-cleaning or spraying, there’s an icon for it here.

Cleaning Icon Vector

Cool Cleaning Set

Environmental Icon Set for House

Cleaning Icons Flat Set

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