An insurance cover is deemed as necessary and important in many countries and cultures. Over the years, the insurance sector has grown tremendously, so has its lineup of services. As there is so much competition in the industry, businesses do their best to ensure that they are ahead in the game. Nowadays, online presence and mobile applications are huge. Every insurance company wants to literally be a click or touch away from the customer. This is where insurance icons come into play. There is a tall and growing list of Banking Icons and we give you some of the very latest and best!

Illustration of a Set of Insurance Icons

Whether you’re looking for insurance icon for automobile, children, motorbike, home, or pet, this vector set consisting of colorful illustrative high-res icons addresses all the needs perfectly.

Healthcare Insurance Icons

Healthcare insurance is a very broad based subfield in itself. There is an assortment of scenarios for which a healthcare insurance is provided for. If you deal in healthcare insurance, then this set of icons is tailor-made for you.

Insurance Illustration Set


This is a very interesting vector set that has got colorful and well-designed insurance icons. These can be placed on your online portal, and also they are very suitable for being including in marketing brochures.

Weather & Insurance Icons

There are many insurance companies who provide insurance cover to person and property incase either or both should suffer damages in the face of natural calamities. This icons set provides cute icons for that purpose.

Medical Insurance with Shadow

This medical icons set is available in different sizes (16×16, 20×20, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48 and also 256×256 used for Windows Vista) and two color variations (256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency.) These icons are gettable in ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP file formats.

Awesome Insurance Icons

If you’re fan of seeing numerous sets of different kinds of insurance icons on one single page then these icons sets should just be what you’re looking for. Regardless of what your company’s specialty is, you’re going to find suitable insurance icons here.

EPS Insurance Icons

Check this yet another wonderful set of EPS insurance icons which you could use in any of your insurance-related projects or assignments. The icons are high quality and high-resolution.

Best Insurance Icons

Over here you will get variously designed insured icons – colored, black and white, and outlined. One thing is ascertain, you will find all kinds and types of insurance icons. Whatever may be your insurance specialty there’s an icon for it on this page.

Security Insurance Icon

Insurance is all about safety and security. If you’re searching for an ‘umbrella’ of insurance icons, this page contains a great range of well-crafted insurance icons which apt for you in the online and offline spaces.

Vehicle and Health Insurance Icons

If you’re looking for various options for insurance icons which would be responsive on all kinds of mobile devices (Android Lollipop, Android 4, iOS) and compatible with latest operating systems (Windows 8, 10, Mac) this is the place for you.

Gone are the days when insurance icons used to be tepid and boring in appearance. Thanks to apps and technology, designers have been able to revamp the insurance icons significantly, and the process is unending. The aforesaid insurance icons sets would surely make as great collectibles for your icons library, and would be effective in your projects.

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