It is good to know about the roots of your family, even at least the closest family generations. In this case, you’ll be able to know the wonderful parents that took care of your patriarch. To get you started on your lineage design project, browse through our beautiful list of family tree designs fit for Father’s Day as well as for family reunions. You may also use our free construction paper textures that you may include in your family tree design to give it more character.

Family Tree Illustrations

Simple Family Tree in Watercolor Style


This beautiful and simple family tree is brushed with texture and washed by watercolor. With the latter and aforementioned results to a soft effect with little rough wet edges. Use this illustration to design your family tree in a simple and alluring way.


Beautiful Family Tree

This elegant and formal family tree well represents tradition and beauty. It has detailed foliage that do not overpower the banners. In relation to the latter, it does have a classic take on the ceremonial scroll banners that translate into  cleanliness and timeless beauty.

Flowing and Dynamic Family Tree


With its slight organic, flowy branches and leaves that dance to the rhythm of the wind, this family tree design shows dynamism despite being rendered in a two-dimensional form. This design is sans of any shadows yet the color schemes used in each design elements gives it a depth without falling flat.

Simple and Colorful Family Tree


If you are looking for a family tree design that is free from clutter, then this is a perfect choice for you. Despite the dominant shades of green in the color scheme, the circle shapes permitted in placing the images of your family is trimmed with colorful borders for emphasis.

My Beautiful Family Tree


For a cute depiction, take this beautiful family tree with you for a refreshing twist on generation diagrams. This design incorporates receding colors in shades of blue and green as the background and the natural shades of browns to give depth, shadow, and perspective to the graphic elements in the middle ground.

Bracketed Family Trees

Simple and Minimal Family Tree


This simple and clutter-free family tree gives more focal point on the images to be applied instead of the graphic elements, such as the connecting lines and borders. This takes a more wreath style design and the two-toned leaves create the shadow effect, creating more depth. A tiny yet strong red-colored heart is placed in between shapes to indicate their relationship. This makes it pop from the rest of the elements.

Family Veins Family Tree


This family tree denotes a growing family with tree veins for its theme and bushes filling up the spaces in the borders. It comes along with enough space for placement of family relatives to really ensure no one gets left behind.

Icon Family Tree


For a physical translation of your family tree, why not use the sample above? Sans any natural elements, the audience’s point-of-view is focused on the family members itself. Laid out in an unforgiving yet eye-popping color, this design can brighten up characters found in the family tree.

Smiling Family Tree


You just can’t help but smile at this happy and beaming family. It has a simple take on family diagrams to make it understandable and create a clear flow of the family generations. This design is completed in a bright and eye-popping set of colors.

Know Your Family Roots, Family Tree


Always know where you came from. You get to discover the zeitgeist of the decades that passed and through that, you get to comprehend the present situation. On the technical side, round shapes are used to complete this design, denoting movement and direction present in families.

Family Tree by Generations


This family tree offers more family relationships to connect and display including the family’s pet dog. It uses varying colors and medium thick lines to determine the different family generations in a clear manner.

 Keep in mind your heritage and where it all began. But most of all, connect with your elder and younger generations to balance out the differences present in families. Family trees are one way to connect and know your roots and on the practical side, would be useful for school, design and personal projects. You may also use our hipster font collection if you want to change the given font in your family tree design or file.

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