Make your Photoshop resources library more useful by adding elegant photoshop paper textures to it. For designers, digital artists and photographers, these paper textures can be handy while creating unique and graceful designs. Download some stunning textures to make the background of your design stand different from the common one!

Blue Construction Paper Texture

Green Construction Paper Texture

Pink Construction Paper Texture


Go through the exclusive texture collection that holds lots of texture surprise for you, such as torn texture, book cover textures, folded paper background, marbled paper textures and many more! Grab all of these Photoshop backgrounds to design every project in a unique way.

Purple Construction Paper Texture

Grey Construction Paper Texture

Red Construction Paper Texture


No more compromises, as all the options in paper textures are available in high quality to help you get exactly same design as you want! After all struggling with low-quality textures can ruin your design, so download our high-resolution photoshop paper textures that are absolutely free to use.

Light Blue Construction Paper Texture

Brown Construction Paper Texture


With the plenty of options in construction paper textures, designers can make every project different from one another with ease. They are available in wonderful colors such as sky blue, gray, black, green and so on.

Blue Purple Construction Paper Texture

White Construction Paper Texture


Using this paper texture is different from using others as these can provide a professional yet pleasing appearance to any web page, blog, etc. that motivates visitors to read the content. You can use construction texture as desktop wallpaper or background of any printable material like flyers, brochures and pamphlets.  Amaze your clients by delivering an excellent website design with a background of charming construction paper texture that will undoubtedly leave them spellbound!

Yellow Construction Paper Texture

Orange Construction Paper Texture

Black Construction Paper Texture

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