Television shows these days have been creating content for children and adults that touch the subject of gender non-conformity. Children these days are fortunate to have LGBTQ representation in their favorite cartoon shows. This paves the way to tolerance and acceptance of identity within their community in a young age. Plus, cartoons do give out aesthetically pleasing graphics and animations that is enough to get the creative juices flowing.

To inspire your creative eye, browse down below to bask in the beauty of twenty beautiful and inspiring LGBTQ Character Designs. These following Character Designs have powerful personalities and has been changing the way we see the conventional topic regarding gender. In relations to the aforementioned, you could also go through our list of Kid Illustrations that you can use for your design projects and for future references.

LGBTQ Characters in Cartoons

Steven Universe

This LGBTQ inspired Cartoon Show has since been aired in 2013 with a young teenage boy named Steven Universe as the main subject of the show. Rebecca Sugar, the creator of Steven Universe holds two feats being the first woman to produce a cartoon gig for Cartoon Network and in adding the LGBTQ theme in a children television show. You may also look out for more Cartoon Drawings for Download that are illustrated in a delightful way.

Steven is half gem and half human and is under the care of the Crystal Gems that consists of Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. The previously named gems are the ones who have been saving the fragile planet Earth and who Steven looks up to. It is worth it to mention that the Crystal Gems are genderless.

Bask in the Steven Universe Character designs that feature different art and design styles.

Steven and the Crystal Gems Character Design


Overall, this design has a color-coordinated color scheme and with the composition and layout of the characters gives the audience a flow to view. Which starts from the top to the bottom, giving a hint and visual storytelling on the show’s storyline and characters. The design also features the varying personalities of the design subjects from an authoritative figure down to fun-loving characters.

Powerful Garnet Character Design


Garnet is seen as the crystal gem that foresees the future and displays a no-nonsense and powerful bearing. The design incorporates a touch of realism without having to be exact in human form. This character design of Garnet has proper proportions giving her a big mane and wide hips and is toned down by a lean waist and arms.

Ruby and Sapphire to Garnet Character Design


Garnet is a fusion of the Sapphire and Ruby gems. When two gems fuse, it results to a bigger and more powerful gem given the bearing of Garnet. In this character design, we see sapphire and ruby in their exact forms.

Magical Pearl Character Design


As noted, pearls are depicted as a classic, pure and light gem. Somehow, the character of Pearl in Steven Universe has similar characteristics of the gem. But the storyline gives a twist in Pearl’s character development. In the show, she is shown to have grand skill in fighting and weapons and is the opposite of what you expect of a Pearl.


Amethyst Character Design


Amethyst completes the set of Crystal gems. This character design clearly translates the personality of Amethyst as the fun-loving and adventurous in the bunch of gems. It uses monochromatic color scheme with added tints and shades of violet to create depth and casted shadows on the subject.

Adventure Time Character Design

Adventure Time is an LGBT-friendly television show and not to mention that two of its characters do have their certain preferences namely Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. Both are each other love interests and since had a departure in their relationship. The character designs below shows the personalities of both characters. To have a more extensive pile of references for your design projects, you may browse through our list of Free Cartoons for Download. 

Princess Bubble Gum Character Design


Princess Bubblegum as this fun-loving yet intellectual authoritative figure. Behind her inviting pop of pink exterior, you’ll never know what’s the next thing on her checklist.


Marceline, the Vampire Princess


Marceline is shown in a dynamic design and composition. Layered with a warm background and the rest with a neutral color scheme.

The Loud House

The Loud House’ storyline revolves around the everyday mayhem in the life of Lincoln Loud who happens to be the middle child of eleven children. The Loud House has infused the LGBT theme the same as Steven Universe and Adventure Time representing gay and interracial parents to one of the characters, Clyde McBride. You may also go through our pile of Vectors for Illustration that will be of good use for your design projects.

Howard and Harold McBride Hand-drawn Character Design


The character designs below are mostly sketched with a little bit of roughness. The first design example displays dynamic lines that creates exaggeration with the movement of the characters.

Howard and Harold McBride Character Design



 While the second displays shapes that translates the personality of these characters be it lanky and soft.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Character Designs

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been propelling the drag scene into the mainstream stage since 2009. This reality T.V show has been the representation of the LGBTQ community especially drag queens and features challenges that involve fashion, acting, and modeling. Rupaul’s Drag Race looks for a charismatic, unique, talented winner who also has the nerve. The bottom line, a well-rounded winner.

These drag queens have created an extensive portfolio and are continually pushing drag to a positive motivating future for the LGBTQ community.

Down below features works from amazing illustrators and designers that serve the beauty, persona and drag aesthetics of drag queens. Don’t hold back in having a look, take inspiration from the artworks, keeping in mind their personalities and shapes that create character and body language. Get your illustration and artistic intuitions in check by having a view of these Beautiful Portrait Drawings. 

Powerful Illustrated Character Design of Rupaul


This character design results to a chalky execution and texture on the edges yet it still delivers strong smooth details on the subject. A frontal angle might be tricky but the subject’s authoritative posture translates a powerful bearing from the subject. The design uses neutral tones and is used to give depth and perspective.

Michelle Visage Character Design

This character design of Michelle Visage showcases her prominent and sharp features. With the proper contour on her facial features as well as decolletage creates a character and personality. The scene stealer of this character design is the hair. It displays a shiny mane with the use of fine brush and texture as well as the lighting results to shading and details on the hair.

Sasha Velour Character Design

Sasha Velour delivers uniqueness in her drag persona and aesthetic that is evident in her drag performances and style. This powerful and regal character design by Chad Sell incorporates the colors of the rainbow and

as explained on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Sasha took inspiration from the movie Wizard of Oz of the importance of having a home. Hence, the house with a rainbow flag on top of her prominent bald head.

Team Sasha Character Design

Sasha Velour is known for her signature move and poses in where she screams or looks like she is screaming. This character design well represents Sasha’s signature and gives the audience a illustrated storytelling on Sasha’s drag aesthetic and persona. This best describes the velourian taste with touches of strange and weird elements that results to a beautiful aesthetic.

The Legend, Peppermint Character Design

Peppermint is a legendary drag queen and that is a feat on it own. Her drag persona serves a refreshing take on drag. It is hard not to credit the proportions on this character design. With a humongous height of her hair balanced off with chunky accessories and then is softened down with touches of pink in her makeup.

You are meant to look at every detail in this design since it offers no focal point and the lighting brings in the softness and depth to create details on the mane and highlights the features of the legendary Peppermint.

Trinity Taylor Character Design

Trinity Taylor known for her pageant girl persona, that definitely translates in this character design. The design uses a color-coordinated and monochromatic color scheme without having to fall flat or being washed out. The exaggeration on the body creates a sensual body language yet it still translates a powerful stance.

Shea Coulee Character Design

The composition of this character design is the rule but it does well for the image. The textures do get rough but the blending and shading of the colors don’t result to a harsh execution. The lips are not to be overlooked with its gradience and touches of white to create a glossy effect.

Drag Race Dolls Character Design


The promiment shape in this character design is the soft edges and rounded shapes. This character design comes along with other drag race queens in the same style. In that case, it uses uniformity but still adding those details of the different queens.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Queens


We present you the queens from the eight season of Rupaul’s Drag Race. It is presented in a uniform character shape yet it varies from the fashion and hair that is carefully added to represent the individual queens. This pattern of character design comes along with the past season’s queens totaling to a hundred queens.

Animated Transformation of Rupaul


Let’s call it a day with this amazing animated graphic design of the iconic, Rupaul. Without no judgment, we see the quick transformation from a respectable bearing to the beautiful queen that she is. We have to credit the details such as the shading from Rupaul’s suit and texture of the fabric from the gown as it is about to transform. We get to see the silhouette of Rupaul which is big hair, cinched waist, glamazon height and polished execution easily gives us an idea on who the animated icon is presented.

Experiment as much as you can and use these character designs be it for references, art and design inspiration and so on since there are plenty of possibilities in design. Instill these LGBTQ character designs to create and input the gender non-conformity theme in the mainstream culture.

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