Are you a person who has a certain fondness for a woodland scenery? Do you find perfect serenity when you are engulfed by towering trees? Is painting one of your passions and you have suddenly been stuck in a rut with what your next piece will be? Do you need a wall decal to cover up those empty smooth surfaces on your hallway? Then why don’t you do a once-over of our “Forest Silhouettes for Download”?

All the silhouettes available in this compiled listing are in EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. All the formats can be resized and customized. What are you waiting for? Scroll now and take your pick. And, if by chance you want to see more listings for this type of image, then you can also check out our Silhouettes Vector compilation.

Forest Animal Silhouette

Forest Animal Silhouette

Forest Skyline Silhouette

Forest Skyline Silhouette

Bamboo Forest Silhouette

Bamboo Forest Silhouette


A Leafy Paradise or a Woody Haven?

  • A Holy Mountain

Coniferous trees that shoot themselves forward to the sky are what this “Pine Forest Silhouette” image is all about. In the background, a snow-capped mountain silently lingers unmoved.

  • The Sound of the Animal Kingdom

What are the sounds of the animals that you could probably hear as you enter a forest? Wolves eerily howling. Wildcats stealthily slinking. Hares that are scampering. How about this image shown in this “Forest Animal Silhouette? What could be the sound of this lumbering creature?

  • The Colors of Sunset

A young open forest is a home to shrubs, grasses and young trees. Nothing is quiet picture perfect as the last red-orange rays of the sun as they are overshadowed by a cluster of trees in this “Forest Tree Silhouette.”

  • The Lion’s Share

There are animals that take advantage when darkness envelops every corner. Prior to twilight, these wild beasts will intently watch prey as the covering nighttime will make them zoom in for the kill. Such as the case of this lion pride depicted in the “Forest Landscape Silhouette.”

Now what will these caretakers of the wild look after for if you haven’t downloaded any of our Animal Silhouettes listing. How about you start taking your pick?

Forest Tree Silhouette

Forest Tree Silhouette

Forest Landscape Silhouette

Forest Landscape Silhouette

Forest Background Silhouette

Forest Background Silhouette

Dry Tree Forest Silhouette

Forest Fire Silhouette


Forest Silhouette Clipart

Forest Silhouette Clipart

Who Will Greatly Benefit From These Forest Silhouette Downloads

  • Outdoor team recruitment

Are you spearheading a crew that works in a forested terrain? Is your labor force dwindling? Are you recruiting new hires? Use our images as a letterhead image for your job proposals. Have one of our images be the supporting visual piece in your ad in the local paper or on the web.

  • Safari business

Is your company involved in a Safari tour? Use a specific image in this listing to for the advertising campaign pamphlet for your company. Use one of these images as a signage, on your business cards, and even for the company stationery.

  • Art inspiration

Assigned to create a graphic design for a magazine? Do you need a visual image that tells about crackling of grasses while the above foliage is thick and lush? How about those that talk of tall trees that suddenly give away a wide glade covered by an azure sky?

  • Without any particular reason

Have these images be incorporated on your screen saver be it on your laptop or desktop. Download them and hang them on a vacant frame on the wall.

If you still haven’t been satisfied with what the pulsing hearts of these tress have offered then scamper now to our Deer Silhouettes.

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