Filming a movie entails a longer duration for production and a sufficient amount of the budget. Luckily, there are stock footage available that post-production teams can use during editing. Stock footage are film, vector and video footage that can be used again in the same and other films. Thus, using stock footage saves times during filming and maintains the production budget.

For videographers and film editors, we have listed ten royalty free stock footage you can use for your next film project. These stock footage feature stock vectors to fashion footage. You may also see free stock images if you need to make a slideshow instead of a video.

What does “Royalty Free” mean?

The “free” in royalty free does not mean that you can use images, videos, in this case, stock footage for free. A user has to pay for the files to be used but for a one-time payment only. Once the user has made the payment, the files could be freely used with no additional charges.

In conclusion, royalty free stock footage entail a one-time payment fee and are used by post-production teams to save time in filming schedule and moving to another location to shoot.

Where can these stock footage be used?

  • Stock footage are used by film editors and directors to create a mixed media theme; a combination of different medias. Example: the first scene is all animated and then moves to a retro scene or even a mix of styles in one scene is possible.
  • Stock footage can be put to good use in films that require animation or the use of graphics, depending on their art direction.
  • Stock footage can be used as introductions to the story of the film and cast, as well as for the first parts of the closing credits.
  • Since some movies have CGI’s or computer-generated imagery, these stock footage could be used to seamlessly fit CGI into the scenes. Stock footage could also be used to fill in scenes.

 Free Beach Stock Footage


Free Music Stock Footage


Free Nature Stock Footage


Here’s a little help…

To help you get by in our examples of royalty-free stock footage, we have compiled a short list that can go over in choosing your stock footage:

  • If the theme of your film is a postmodern art, more like an Ed Hardy aesthetic, you could try Free Stock Footage Vector.
  • If you are gearing towards a graphics to use, the Free Graphic Stock Footage, Free Army Stock Footage, and Free Vintage Stock Footage are up for grabs.
  • If the film requires realistic frames, you could use the Free Butterfly Stock Footage, Free Beach Stock Footage, Free Nature Stock Footage, and Free Fashion Stock Footage. They mostly feature nature and natural elements and social events. All are available in high-quality file format.
  • If you are looking for more images to use for commercial design purposes, browse through our list of free stock photos. All are of high-quality files and are 100% free. These array of stock photos feature food, holidays, fitness, fashion, nature so on and so forth. The list also offers HD, educational, creative and photo manipulated stock photos.

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