“Diamonds are forever” or “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” are two of the most overly repeated lines about the gem in question. The first one because, of course, being the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth, it’s gonna take a while for it to break down (if it does at all, that is); the second one because diamonds are shiny and girls like shiny things.

Whatever the case may be—if you’re looking to sell the longevity bit to potential customers and patrons or if you’re planning on capitalizing from these sparkly rocks—you will find something to suit your needs in this collection of 9+ creative diamond logo designs. These Free Logo Designs also come in JPG, PDF, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, etc. formats.

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Diamond Vector Logo

Diamond Shape Logo

Diamond City Logo


Diamond Logo Designs 5 Ways

As you can see in this collection of diamond Logo Designs, we have such a variety (you know, despite the limitations brought on by the choice subject matter) that we have managed to group them into five different categories.

  • Mashup – Putting two different elements together to form an entirely different image is not only clever but also a sure way to get you a unique logo. Take it from either of the following: “Diamond Vector Logo” (diamond and what I assume to be a power button) and “Diamond City Logo” (diamond and, of course, a city).
  • Minimalist – Because less is more, you’re definitely gonna get some simple ones in the mix, like “Diamond Shape Logo,” “Silver Diamond Logo,” and “Colorful Diamond Logo.”
  • Luxury – I don’t know about you, but to me pairing up gold or silver with diamonds just scream elegance and opulence and classiness. Try and get a fill of all that with “Diamond Business Logo,” “Diamond Outline Logo,” and “Vintage Diamond Logo.”
  • Typeface – You could also opt for a clever play on fonts such as that in “Diamond Fashion Logo.”
  • 3D – And if you’re up for the whole realistic, non-flat look, you can go for something like “Diamond Logo in PNG Format.”

Diamond Outline Logo

Vintage Diamond Logo


Colorful Diamond Logo


Diamond Logos for Whom?

Now that you’ve seen all that this collection of diamond logo designs has to offer, you’re probably wondering now how you can use these diamond logos. Well, perhaps the question that ought to be asked is who can use these diamond logo designs? (But if you have your sights set on something else, maybe these Infinite Logos will be more your speed.)

  • Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Art Directors – With all that graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, and even students in this field, have on their plates at a time, it’s hard for them to ensure the quality of their work and create every single detail from scratch all while trying to catch up with deadlines. So perhaps with the help of these pre-made diamond logo vectors, they can save up on time and energy.
  • Software Company – Those trying to take a crack at the software or tech industry might appreciate the simple “Diamond Vector Logo.”
  • Jewelry Store – Selling your own line of sparkly things? Opt for “Diamond Business Logo,” “Diamond Outline Logo,” or “Vintage Diamond Logo.”
  • Fashion Brands – Check out “Diamond Fashion Logo.” It’s already in the name and in the logo.

With all that said, you can go ahead and check out the links and then download these diamond logo designs!

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