With its vibrant green hue, smooth texture, and scent singular to what can only be found in nature, it’s no wonder that the leaf has been used to symbolize life and, well, nature or everything natural. It’s no surprise as well that several businesses that offer natural, organic products (use that as their niche, pretty much) use a leaf or a bunch of leaves in their business logos.

If you are one of those in the bush, those businesses whose nature is or has to do with nature, you might want to have a look at this collection of 9+ beautiful leaf logo designs. These Free Logo Designs are available in JPG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, etc.—perfect if you have a variety of leafy design needs!

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Leaf Logo Vector

Leaf Wreath Crown Logo

Leaf Health Logo

Maple Leaf Logo

Leaf Logos 4 Ways

You can clearly see in this collection of leaf designs that we have prepared an assortment, a variety of designs here for you. Go ahead and peruse and inspect. (But if you prefer your logos to be on the more colorful side though still keeping to the whole nature Flower Logos.)

  • Simplistic – With the likes of “Leaf Logo Vector,” “Leaf Wreath Crown Logo,” and “Leaf Crown Logo,” you get the leaf in it’s pure leafy glory. There’s the simplicity, maintaining the original leaf structure while making a few design adjustments here and there for a more updated look.
  • Outline – In “Leaf Circle Logo” and “Abstract Leaf Logo,” the respective creators kept to the “less is more” mind-set and took to following in the same path as in the previous bullet: keeping the basic original leaf structure (except, using the outline this time) while making a few creative liberties here and there.
  • Colorful – “Maple Leaf Logo” shows you that you can ditch the norm color palette and opt for an array of colors.
  • Mashup – Now these are the fun ones. Each of the following took different design elements and combined them for a set of clever leaf logos: “Leaf Health Logo,” “Canadian Leaf Logo,” “Leaf Logo for Company,” and “Eco Leaf Logo.”

Canadian Leaf Logo

Leaf Logo for Company

Abstract Leaf Logo

Leaf Crown Logo

Eco Leaf Logo


Leaf Logo Takeaways (3 Ms)

Aside from the variations in Green Logos that you have seen in this collection of leaf logos, you can take away the following tips:

  • Mashups are clever, unique, and eye-catching. If upon seeing “Canadian Leaf Logo,” with its combination of images of houses as individual “leaf” parts of one big red maple leaf, you let out a chuckle or were just overall amused, that means that the artist obviously did something right. Instead of trying to pack several different elements into your overall leaf logo design, try combining two or three but making sure to keep it simple.
  • Maximize your minimal color palette. You can take some notes from “Eco Leaf Logo.” Opt for a gradient of varying shades of green to create depth and dimension, and use it to highlight key words in your company name or tagline.
  • Minimalist designs work best. If your attention happened to be grabbed by “Leaf Circle Logo” or if you keep going back to it instead of the other more complicated ones, that should tell you something. It should tell you that a simple design will trump a busy one. It’s clean and projects your company’s image in a better light than a packed, neon-colored one.

So now that, that spiel’s over with, you can go ahead and download any or all of these leaf logos!

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