For lots of people, sports means several different things. For the not-so-adept at physical activities (pretty much anything having to do with bodily coordination), sports could mean hell on earth, an undeserved punishment. For those who follow a few teams and actually enjoy a good round of basketball or some other choice ball game, sports could be a fun way to get fit. For those who are passionate about a particular game, sports could mean their life.

Maybe as you pore over this collection of the 11+ best sports logo designs, you can see just what sports mean to you. Check out these Free Logo Designs—which come in JPG, PNG, TIFF, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, etc. formats.

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Sports Team Logo

Tiger Sports Logo

Water Sports Logo


Abstract Sports Logo

Sports Logo Designs 6 Ways

As you can see in this collection of Sport Logo designs, you can tell that there’s a pretty considerable variety of designs. It’s not just a few Football Logos littering this page.

  • Name Brands – A brief look at “Sports Brand Logos” will have you nodding and saying, “Yep.” There’s really no need for an explanation here.
  • Animalistic Sports Team Logos – Wolves or tigers, whichever you prefer, it doesn’t really matter. You can find both in “Sports Team Logo” and “Tiger Sports Logo.”
  • Big on the Symbol – Sometimes your logos won’t have to call for a lot of text or even any text. Just the business name and tagline or slogan and you’re golden! Take it from “Water Sports Logo,” “Abstract Sports Logo,” and “Sports Company Logo.”
  • Vintage/Retro Feel – We can learn a thing or two from the logo designs of old. So why not take things a step higher by mimicking some of the retro aesthetic elements? You can see this in “Vintage Sports Logo.”
  • Fabulous Fonts – Because typeface can elevate the design, it’s easy to see why some would get fancy with fonts. Exhibits A and B respectively, “College Sports Logos” and “Sports College Logos.”
  • Ball of a Good Time – With sports, sometimes you just need a few balls. Take “Live Sports Logo” and “Sports News Logo” for example.

Vintage Sports Logo

College Sports Logos


Sports Company Logo


Sports News Logo


Sports Logo Design How-To’s

Given the variety of these sports Logo Designs, you can definitely use them for a variety of things and reasons as well! Read on our little list of recommendations below.

  • Sports Logo Vectors – Sports teams and business clients—well, all clients really—can be pretty finicky where the sports logo design is concerned. And you as a graphic designer or illustrator don’t have all the time in the world to be particular with every single detail and design element, what with all the other projects you have to take care of. But with these sports logo vectors, you can save up on time and energy (and mental well-being)!
  • Crafty Sports Logo Cutouts – “Sports College Logos” screams to be made into mini sports cards that you can use for your scrapbooking moments or as mementos to give away during school games.
  • DIY Sports Logo Stickers – Just download “College Sports Logos,” print it onto some sticker paper, and you can show your team some love and support on various visible flat surfaces!

So there you have it. Sports logo designs for every occasion! Having said all that, I now leave you to check out the links and download these sports logo designs!

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